Apply to Join an Awesome Sales Team!

sales team

Fun Fact: The highest paid person in That Company history was a sales representative. They made more than our CEO. Why? Because good sales people produce and get paid great commissions. If that sounds interesting then keep reading.

If youre looking for a better opportunity for growth That Company is interviewing for 3 in-house reps to join our team. We can also take on new external reps who want to work out of their homes, so which ever works better for you.

That! Company is an Inc 500 Digital Marketing Firm with 25+ employees and work with prestigious clients such as The Orlando Magic, The Orlando Solar Bears, Western Union and more.

sales team

Let us be clear this opportunity is great, but only if you really put your heart into it. This is something that requires an investment of time, and is not something you do to earn a quick buck, but something that will allow you to create a good book and make 40k, 50k, or even 250k, a year. You get what you put in to it. Are there Independent Representatives that made $0? You bet. If you dont show up, If you dont work hard, If you dont give it youre all then yes you can make absolutely nothing. But if you make it past the interview process we believe youre top notch quality, and worthy of the opportunity.

Whats the compensation?

This is a commission only position. That Company pays out $100 per qualified appointment + 15% of the revenue you generate every single month. If you set an appointment and we land a $2,000 a month retainer (average retainer size) you end up getting paid $300 every month that theyre with us (usually 1-3 years but could be even longer) The idea is for you to do a lot more than 1 though. 😉

Why invest in this?

Why work so hard to sell a product that only gets you a commission for 1 month? Why not sell something that pays you a commission month after month? If youre currently working selling a product that gets you ongoing commissions here are some questions to ask yourself

  1. Does your workplace invest in you?
  2. Does your workplace take good care of the clients you sell?
  3. Do you love the people you work with?

If you answered no or sort of to any of the above then perhaps its time to join a firm who cares about your future, the clients you sell, and having a great work environment.

So lets Talk

If you have what it takes then were happy to setup an interview and talk with you more. Email Michael Knorr at