Can Small Companies Afford Your SEO in 2016?

credit-squeeze-522549_960_720In December of 2015, there was a survey across several marketing agencies that uncovered the realities of marketing budgets for digital advertising. The budgets varied from around $1,500 to $400 per month. Many of you may already know that this budget is not enough for small companies with big expectations. Smaller clients want big results and fast. That same survey ended up showing that companies are starting to allocate up to 30 percent of their budgets directly to SEO initiatives. This is higher than any other digital marketing service. The best way to combat this is to come up with consulting programs that can coach companies with existing resources to victory, without over exerting their money on an agency. This along with real expectations can lead to long-term relationships.

How to Make SEO Work for You on a $400 per Month Budget

All small businesses should invest in SEO even if there is not locally reported search volume for the keywords you are targeting. Nowadays, content marketing is becoming bigger and bigger which means agencies that know how to marry content with best SEO practices will succeed. Not to go into an SEO training course, but it is important to start with the basics, which revolves around answering what the user wants and being a quality resource of information. The trouble here can occur when businesses are continuing to expect more with smaller budgets and never increase those budgets. As Google becomes more complex, the workload expands along with the time necessary to achieve first page keyword rankings.

Is Your Site Optimized for SEO Marketing?

As many of you may know, mobile is the future and Google has begun penalizing sites for not being mobile-friendly (if you didn’t know that, you do now). The key is to stay ahead of these changes in an ever-shifting tech world and not be thrown off guard by any swift updates. Spending hundreds of dollars on a website that does not convert and has higher bounce rates is not what you want to do. Getting clients that already have good websites makes their money go further and your job a lot easier. For those who have invested in a website redesign, is it common to see companies spend anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 to get the website to meet industry standards.  To help get your mind around why small companies need SEO, here are six reasons:

  1. SEO Continues to Yield Results

Even though marketers never know when Google is going to make an algorithm shift, it can be corrected. With the wide variety of accounts that we manage and trackable business practices, it is easy to determine what Google wants and what they don’t. Today search engines are all about answering the common questions among searches and giving them results most related to their answer. This comes from having quality content on your pages while maintaining optimization performance at the highest level. SEO continues to generate results for thousands of companies and if you become a leader in your industry, capturing one of the first ten search results should be within your reach.



  1. Most of Your Competition is Doing SEO

So many businesses are taking the opportunity to use SEO to find customers and bring them to their sites. Top results yield the most success but lower results can still net business. It is important to remember that even if the competition is heavy, you can get unique keywords even if there is no search volume reported. Don’t roll over and give the competition the business! Get with a consultant or marketing firm that will show you how to get to those first pages over time.


  1. Your Customers Use SEO to Find You

Every year users become more and more mobile savvy. This means they have already left their house and are on the way somewhere for something. Or maybe they are at their house but they aren’t looking for you in the Yellow Pages. It is important to have a mobile-friendly site and to rank among the best in search engines your site needs to be friendly. Get this done sooner rather than later and most likely you’ll be ahead of your competition who is also putting it off.


  1. SEO is Not Going Away

Even though it may seem of little importance for you now, SEO is not going away. SEO will continue to grow and expand without ever thinking twice about those businesses that refuse to get a website. Yes, the competition is fierce but starting small and growing can yield great results.


  1. SEO Yields a High Return on Investment

This is of course a debatable topic for many companies because of the unsuccessful SEO campaigns. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars burned up into SEO practices with companies that have no idea what they are doing.  Even worse, companies may be seeking quick results by applying cheap solutions to a sophisticated problem, using companies that outsource work overseas to low-quality SEO “professionals.” Unfortunately, you may fall into this category but there is hope for you yet. Start learning from the industry leaders and do what they do. Search for results or higher consulting help for work that you can’t do. SEO done correctly can give back a return with small keyword/content management that will effectively yield results for months if not years. Don’t turn your back on SEO too soon; you will regret it.


–Joshua Feuerbacher, Social Media Manager