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What Is Search Console?

What Is Search Traffic In Search Console? How Does Search Traffic In Search Console Help? What Is Search Console? Search Console is a free service provided by Google for webmasters and site owners to use to examine and evaluate their site(s) to ensure that they are user friendly and functioning properly. Follow this link to […]

So You Want To Do Marketing

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in  creating a successful marketing campaign, and making that campaign work. I’ve created a list to help simplify the process  in a way that makes sense to a normal person. Yes, I’ve been resigned to the fact and accepted   that I’m probably not the most normal person. […]

Why Is Social Media Important To My Brand?

Social media is the fastest way for a brand to connect to a consumer. This plays an important role in customer satisfaction, brand recognition and brand identity. This closes the gap between the distant phone call and email that most brands use to communicate in today’s fast paced world. Social media gives you the luxury […]

Standing Out Above The Rest

What makes a company stand out above all the others? Is it the employees? Is it the business itself? Or is it proper advertising? The answer is all three. A lot of people think that one out does the other but they don’t. In order to stand out you have to be willing to bring […]

Making A Fixed Width Website Mobile Friendly

There was a time, when my biggest worry as a graphic designer and web developer was making my CSS function in Internet Explorer. Not only is IE still a pain in the rear, now we have to worry about numerous screen sizes and operating systems. There will be a time when mobile overtakes desktop browsing. […]

Shopping Campaign Basics For Your Adwords Account (Continued)

Previously we discussed some of the requirements in getting a simple shopping campaign set up. The majority of the items we will be discussing will be over in the Google Merchant Center, which at this point you should have, and have some of the basic information already in place already. If not, you can refer […]

Shopping Campaign Basics For Your Adwords Account

A successful strategy often starts with having the proper pieces in place, and Shopping Campaigns can be among the better performing campaigns within your Google Account, if you’ve properly set key settings and feed criteria. There are many ecommerce businesses out there that are selling their products with traditional search campaigns, and are doing very […]

Step by Step Instructions to Handle Negative Facebook Reviews

The protocol for managing negative remarks via social media is not the same as managing standard grievances, by telephone or email. There is this one reason: it’s too simple to transform a social media complaint into a catastrophe. Why would it be a good idea for me to think about social media reviews? Social media […]

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

How many times as a search engine optimization consultant do we run into the situation where there’s multiple hands working on a website, one where you’ve been contracted to improve ranking results? For me, it’s been one time too many. You accept responsibility for a less than strong performance, one with a poor ranking result […]

Eight Ideas That Can Lead to Instagram Success

Instagram has quickly grown to be one the largest, most used apps of this generation, and tails only behind Facebook. Not only does Instagram get more engagement than any other social network, but it’s also used by 48 million Millennials, with a total of 600 million users total. The app has doubled in usage since […]

Rank 0

What Is Rank 0?

What Is A Rank 0 Result? Rank 0, also known as a featured snippet, is the expanded result appearing above the number one ranking result on the page one results in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Rank 0 results generally answer questions for a search query term. In addition, typically, they contain an […]

A Guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an exciting new concept. It’s about tapping into interesting people that already have a fan base or organizations connected directly to the content they create. This could be in Youtube, Instagram or even Snapchat. Below is a 5 step guide without spilling all of our secrets on how to get started doing […]

Ad Copy Ideas You Can Start Using Right Away In Adwords

It’s no secret that Google has been hard at work over the past couple years now, implementing new tools, layouts, designs and formats. It’s been a bumpy road, especially since February 2016, when Google changed the ad layout for Paid Search Ads, when they retracted the side ads from Google Search Results. They didn’t stop […]

Project Management Mentality VS. CEO Mentality

A Letter to all of our white label partners, Your long-term success is That Company’s goal. Which means the success of your clients is our goal. Now, how do you get the most out of what we have to offer, achieve greater profitability, and ultimately build a bigger, badder business? One of the key differentiators […]

Over Optimizing Your Adwords Campaigns Can Cost You Big

While Google Adwords has many optimization points to it that will help you with turning your advertising dollars into profit, there is such a thing as over-optimization, when it comes to Adwords. Oftentimes, it is obvious that too much tweaking and knob-turning is going on within the account, but there are other times where you […]

Keeping It Simple Recently updated !

Sometimes it’s the little details that can make or break the success of a web page. Many often go overlooked simply because in the eye of the website creator it makes sense to them. Visually, consider things as simple as menu placement or contact information. We’ve all visited those sites that have an amazing floating […]

Web Development for SEO: Another One Almost Goes South

  This is why you have an SEO company, like That! Company, to catch and correct what goes wrong with the re-design of an existing website. As anyone that works in the internet marketing industry and has gone through a re-build of a functioning website knows, a myriad of things can go wrong. Recently, a […]

How to Get the Most out of Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

We are declaring December to be the transition month for ETAs also known as expanded text ads. Google has advised all AdWords advertisers to complete at least one expanded text ad for each active adgroup. Google has issued a statement that the traditional shorter text ads will be gradually faded out, with the most updated […]

What are Best Practices and Why are They Important?

According to Wikipedia ; “A best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means, or because it has become a standard way of doing things, e.g., a standard way of complying with legal or […]

60 Minute Exercise: Stop Doing Things You Hate!

Do What You’re Good at and Make More Money Entrepreneurs, what percentage of your time is spent on doing tasks you hate? 10%, 50%, 100%? The fact of life is that it’s unlikely that you’ll only do things you love every single day. But have we accepted that fact and allowed it to encroach to […]

Why LinkedIn Is Still Relevant in the Business World

LinkedIn was all the rage when it first was released in 2002 but after a while, like all new things, the buzz simmered down. Then when the stocks took a plunge last February, costing the company $11 billion in value, it simmered down even more. Also, when LinkedIn changed some of its base features the […]


A Look at Facebook Live

What is Facebook Live? Facebook Live is a way to stream a video of what you are currently doing using Facebook. This would be the equivalent of other similar streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, Azubu, Dailymotion. Hitbox, InstaGib, Mirrativ, Origin, Ustream and Veetle.  Each one of these streaming services also allows people to do what […]

Why Do I Need SiteLinks?

You may ask yourself at times, “Why do you need SiteLinks”. Adwords SiteLinks have been around for some time now, but believe it or not I still have clients ask me “What are SiteLinks” or “Why do I need SiteLinks”. Well, there are a number of reasons why you would need them, but whenever I’m […]

The Future of Native Advertising

Native advertising may be the way of the future, but what exactly is native advertising? Essentially, it is a form of “disguised” advertising, often online, which is specifically designed to adopt the same form and function of the location where it is found. For example, it might be an article or video created to promote […]

What We Do at That Company

Recently, a long term client asked me to prepare documentation on what we do as a company. Having been a long term client, you may ask, “why would a client who you have worked with on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis for many years need information on what you do?” The Back Story Within the […]

Reasons You May Not Be Seeing Your Paid Ads

I try to answer questions that I hear most often from my clients when I’m writing my blogs. My goal is to publish these answers to that others can easily find them instead of thumbing through other resources. So, I was thinking about some of the more basic questions that I receive on a regular […]

What’s The Deal with Local Search and Local SEO?

If you’re like most people, you’ve done your fair share of local searches in an effort to find something, be it for a local restaurant or even a roofer. Whatever the reason for the search, you made one. Likely you’ve seen the ads that cover the top of the page, especially since Google removed the […]

Why Mobile and Tablet Bid Adjustments Can Save Your Campaigns

With all of the bid adjustments that Google gives us to use within our Google Adwords interface, there has been one that we as account managers have been asking about for some time. Tablet Bid Adjustments are now live and active within all Google Adwords accounts, and it has been a long time coming for […]

That! Haunted House 2016 – That! Company Charity Fundraiser

Last night, That! Company hosted their annual That! Haunted House Halloween fundraiser. This year, roughly 50-60 people attended, with proceeds going to Red for Ed. Red for Ed is an annual initiative jointly launched by That! Company and the Lake County Educational Foundation, to provide needed school supplies to underprivileged children in the Lake County […]

Retail SEO: How do I fight Amazon?

Many search optimization specialist that have been in the industry for a while knows the pains of dealing with retail SEO. We often talk about the difficulty of tracking your effectiveness and proving that your work has value. Less, but still quite often, we talk about how to appeal to consumers and get their attention […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing

There is a common misconception with social media nowadays. Most businesses and brands pursue social media as a way to make sales, have quick returns, and as a way to broadcast to your network. While these may be good tactics, that’s not what social media is all about for you as a business owner. Social […]

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people that have a certain level of power when it comes to the decision making process. Influencers that relate directly to social media have an impact on your decision making to buy a product, leave a review, or even test out that new restaurant you have been hesitant on. The influencers here have […]

Coming Down the Pike in Google AdWords

Change is good, or at least that is what they say. I’m not saying that all change is bad or not beneficial but I will say not all change improves the outcome for everyone. A View of Current History Case in point: when Google shifted search ads earlier this year away from the side bar […]

Full Funnel Marketing for Your Business

We all want to increase our business. After all, who wouldn’t? Yet for many businesses, it may seem like something is missing and you are not getting enough of the right results that you desire. Many businesses that cater to other businesses (B2B) have been implementing lower funnel marketing tactics such as Pay-per-click (PPC) search […]

Time Tab within the Submenu of the Segment Tab

The following blog is part two of a previous post on “Segment Data for Improved Adwords Optimization.”   Within the submenu of the segment tab in the Adwords interface you’ll find the first option named “Time.” The Time submenu has its own submenu with the other time options of Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, Day […]

Google Tag Manager

If you are in IT have you gotten frustrated or hot under the collar with the SEM department wanting to have tracking code updated all the time? If you are working SEM do you get aggravated or impatient with the IT folks taking forever to get new tracking code put on a site for a […]

Google for Non-Profits: Help for Those Who Help Others

There are a lot of organizations that devote themselves to help other people and don’t want to profit from it. They exist and survive on donations from people that believe in their cause, and grants from the government and other businesses. With the reach of digital marketing and various internet tools you would hope there […]

How to Engage Your Followers on Snapchat

One of the hottest platforms out there, with over 100 million active users is Snapchat and to be frank, it is also one of the most overlooked platforms as well. Snapchat is perfect for companies that have a message to share to their consumers and clientele. If your goal is to move customers to your […]

ppc landing pages

PPC Landing Pages: Why to Use Them & What You Can Expect

So, you finally got your website up and running. You have this great product(s) that you are ready to introduce to the world, but you aren’t getting any traffic. Why? Well, because no one has heard of you ever before…that’s why. So, you start to look into ways that you can increase your brand awareness […]

Google Adwords Customer Match (Part 2 of a 2 Part Series)

In Part 1 of the Google Adwords Customer Match series, we discussed Identity Based Targeting and the Set up Process for Google’s Customer Match for Search. Today we will discuss Campaign implementation. To refresh on Part 1, please visit my first post on the topic, covering Audience Creation. Adding Customer Match Audiences to Campaigns Now […]

Google Adwords Customer Match


The Importance of Keeping Backups

We recently had a close call at work, which as these things do, showed several problems in the way things were being handled in addition to the security breach that started the problem. One of these that came to the forefront was the need to keep adhering to a regular backup schedule. It is important […]

Hazards Facing SEOs That Can Hold Back Success for the Client

Many search engine optimization specialists rely solely on keyword ranking results. While that may work for some, at ThatCompany, we work towards organic search query goal completions / conversions / sales online / sales offline. We work to improve keyword ranking results for specific organic search query terms, for improved desired conversions. However, what if […]