Category: Advertising

The Future of Native Advertising

Native advertising may be the way of the future, but what exactly is native advertising? Essentially, it is a form of “disguised” advertising, often online, which is specifically designed to adopt the same form and function of the location where it is found. For example, it might be an article or video created to promote […]

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people that have a certain level of power when it comes to the decision making process. Influencers that relate directly to social media have an impact on your decision making to buy a product, leave a review, or even test out that new restaurant you have been hesitant on. The influencers here have […]

The Irrelevancy of Newspapers

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand what the internet has done to the newspaper industry. That isn’t to say Newspapers weren’t having a tough enough time with the 24 hour TV news cycle, which Ted Turner basically invented with CNN in 1970. What drives newspaper profitability?  Advertising does and advertising is a newspaper’s […]