Pay Per Click Management

Google Tag Manager

If you are in IT have you gotten frustrated or hot under the collar with the SEM department wanting to have tracking code updated all the time? If you are working SEM do you get aggravated or impatient with the IT folks taking forever to get new tracking code put on a site for a […]

Top 3 Exclusions in PPC Management

We all have the vision of having the best pay per click (PPC) campaigns where we have the best keywords, the best ad copy, best landing pages and so on. But what we sometimes overlook in the beginning when we are gathering all of these “best of’s,” is what are the best exclusions to include […]

Tips To Lower Your CPC

Wondering how you can lower your CPC in your Adwords campaign? By lowering your CPC there are all types of benefits, but the most common search is for ways to lower your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). By following a few simple rules you can lower your CPC and get that lower CPA along the way. […]

How PPC Is Evolving

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is constantly changing, an evolution process that must be kept up with to verify your account is performing the best it can. Here are some of the ways PPC advertising has changes in the past 12 months, and areas you may be able to implement to help your current campaigns: […]

Keyword Insertion and Proper Punctuation

Writing the proper ad for Google is essential for any advertiser. Using the proper keyword, punctuation of the keywords and having a professional looking ad is the ultimate goal. With the keyword insertion function for ads, you can intimate the ad with appropriate keywords from your keyword list to target the ad to what the […]

Making A PPC Landing Page

So you’ve started your Google Adwords campaigns and things are up and running, but you are not getting the conversions that you had hoped for. One thing that you need to look at is your landing pages. PPC Landing Pages can help not only with conversions, but they also can help increase your Quality Scores […]

PPC & Google Analytics

Google Adwords offers a number of different ways to view data that can help you optimize your campaigns. However, that’s not the only tool you can use to help gain further insight into your account. Google Analytics also offers good insight into campaign metrics as well. Here are a few reports to use in Google […]

Bing/Yahoo Product Ads

  One thing that people have enjoyed in Google for years now are Google Product Listing Ads. Merchandisers have been able to upload their product feeds through Google Merchant Center with the ability to show their products to searchers looking for relevant products. The Bing/Yahoo Search Network hasn’t been able to offer this until recently. […]

How To Use Adwords Keyword Insertion

Google Adwords Keyword Insertion is what they refer to as the ability to dynamically update ad text in your ad variation with the keyword that is being used to target your ad. Most people use keyword insertion so that potential customers will perceive their ad as being more relevant because of the fact that a […]

What do Asterisks In Google Analytics Mean?

Have you ever come across a asterisk in your Google Analytics and wondered what it actually means? The answer is simple… it represents your Google Product Listings. Whenever it appears in your analytics reports it shows how many visits were received through Google Shopping. However, that’s about all that it tells you. Some more informative […]

Is this relevant?

  When assembling your Google Adwords campaigns one of the most overlooked things is relevancy. Some people have the thought that they can just throw a bunch of words together in a campaign and then it should just work. Well it doesn’t quite work that way folks. One of the key factors that Google uses […]

Using Broad Match Modifier

You can add a modifier to your broad match keywords to specify that certain words must be included in someone’s search term to trigger your ads. Since broad match modifier allows you to target searches that include at least one of your keywords, it can help increase how relevant your traffic is to your ads, […]

How to Setup a Google Video Campaign

Step One Link Adwords and YouTube accounts Linking your accounts is an optional step, but can help you save time when you’re creating new video campaigns and ads. When you link the YouTube and AdWords accounts, you’ll be able to choose which YouTube videos you want to use in in advertising Campaign. You will need […]

How To Improve My Impression Share

According to Google, Impression Share is “the number of impressions you’ve received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive.” In other words, Impression Share percentage is the size of the pie that you received in comparison to the whole. You may wonder “How can I increase my Impression Share?”…and that […]

Google Tag Manager

As a PPC Manager I have been running into more customers using the new Google Tag Manager to handle tracking on their web site. This blog will be the first in a series to discuss this new tool Google has provided for simplifying the adding of tracking code on a web site. Prior to this […]

Google’s Yellow Ad Icon

Google is now displaying a yellow “ad” icon next to search results.  This expansion is now being seen across all desktop searches in the US. This video will show you how the icons are appearing and how to manage what advertisers that you want to block. Note: Ads are also being served with demographic data […]

Linking Adwords to Analytics

Mid 2013 Google has made it a little easier to link Adwords and Analytics. Linking the two gives you access to import goals, conversions, metrics, and remarketing lists from Google Analytics into Your Google Adwords account. Likewise, your Adwords data will import into your Google Analytics account. First make sure your auto-tagging is turned on […]

Adwords Editor Tips!

This month’s blog provides some Adwords Editor (AWE) tips. AWE is a desktop tool you can use to make off line changes to your Adwords campaigns The following are some of my favorite tips you can use to speed up your work: 1. Use the advanced search, view, and sort options to your advantage. Creating […]

CTR: Every Impression Counts

Unlike the first impression when meeting someone; EVERY impression counts in pay-per-click advertising. Don’t believe me? You must if you checked your click through rate (CTR) and ended up here. You post your ads, see thousands of impressions, and life is good. “I built it and they’ll come” you say, but why do I see […]

Is This Relevant?

  When assembling your Google Adwords campaigns one of the most overlooked things is relevancy. Some people have the thought that they can just throw a bunch of words together in a campaign and then it should just work. Well it doesn’t quite work that way folks. One of the key factors that Google uses […]

Adwords Tips From PPC Pros!

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get is “What tips do you have for someone just starting out in Pay Per Click?”. My first tip is to hire someone that knows what they are doing. But for those of you that are determined to tackle this for yourself…here is a short list […]

Bounce With Me!

You’re browsing online for a new sports grill to go to and you come accross a Google-ad displaying, in the first line, ” Top 10 Sports Grills”. You click on the ad and a page opens that has ten pictures of barbecue grills displaying team logos. Cool, but not what your looking for… {back arrow […]

Invalid Clicks?

An Invalid click refers to clicks on AdWords ads that Google suspects are not the result of genuine customer interest. Invalid clicks can be performed by automated tools, but they can also be the result of accidental clicks – for instance, if someone were to double-click your ad. Google does not charge you for invalid […]

Simple Guide to Remarketing

Remarketing in AdWords is a great way to market to potential clients or customers who have already shown an interest in your particular services or products. Why should I remarket to somebody who did not buy in the first place? With the age of comparison shopping so high, potential clients are not purchasing or becoming […]

Video Campaigns

Video ads help make a genuine connection to potential customers. They will appear before appropriate YouTube videos and may also be suggested in the side bar as watch pages. Advertisers who ran a YouTube video campaign saw an increase of 20% more traffic to their site. Once you upload your video, make sure you include […]

What is PPC Management?

When thinking of spreading the word of a service or product, what methods come to mind: word of mouth, billboards, perhaps a booth at an exposition? What about the internet; a webbed world of people, places, things, and ideas?   Incorporating today’s modern technology with business prospective has become beyond quick and easy through getting […]

It Takes Money to Make Money

We have all heard this saying before. In the case of a PPC account, it’s true. Yes, you can spend advertising dollars on targeted ads in order to drive quality traffic to your site, and it can be a great ROI marketing tool if used correctly, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Quality scores […]

What is an AdWords Audit?

What is a That! Company AdWords Audit? For prospective PPC clients, That! Company conducts complimentary evaluations of Google AdWords (or Search Alliance) accounts. This is a way to examine account performance and identify concrete, specific things that can be done to improve account performance. Whether prospective clients decide to do business with That! Company or […]

Google AdWords Updates Display URL Policy

Google has been making a number of changes recently to help make ad variations cleaner. The most recent update involves Google now disallowing “IP addresses in the display URL field.” Google has also made it known that this change will affect all countries and that it was made to help improve user experience. Another recent […]

How to Set Up an AdWords Account

Setting up an AdWords account search and display: When you set up a new campaign, there are a few things you need to have in place to determine how you want to show your ads. Once you have the campaign ready to run, you will click the campaign you want to setup and then click the setting […]

Fish Where the Fish Are

Fishing where the fish are We often use analogies to get points across.  In marketing a phrase I often heard sitting at the feet of Dan Laemont was “Fish where the fish are”.  The first rule of great marketing is to know where you are most likely to be succesful.  and it ties right into […]

Vertical reach working for Google

When you look at the Google menu bar you will see things such as Shopping, Images, News, Recipes, etc. Each of those items is considered a vertical search engine, which is a search engine that focuses on a specific segment of content or topic on the Web. Each vertical brings in revenue for Google. Earlier […]