Easily Adding Tags In Bulk To The Final URL

An Easier Way to Add Tagstag-1260188_960_720


Although Google Adwords gives us the option to use Auto Tagging features for regular source/medium tags, which relays information back to Google Anlaytics and third party systems, there are also manual tags that work for mass additions to URLs. In the past, we used to have to add our tags to the back end of our Destination URL (recently updated to Final URL). But what if we have new tags that need to be added account-wide immediately? One common example of a time when you might need this would be if you started your Adwords account with 5 initial campaigns, but throughout the years you now have 15 or 20 running campaigns, with each campaign having about 20-30 ads rotating in them at all times. That is a lot of Ads/URLs, which you would need to add a tag to for each of the 20-30 campaigns.

This is where the Campaign URL Options, located in the campaign settings are of great use to us. It may be a bit advanced to some but it is still very useful. Instead of having to manually go to the URL editing section to add the tags one-by-one, you can actually add them at the campaign level, and set up to three unique tags to any URL within the campaigns you are running. It is quick and easy. Plus, you don’t have to restart your on-going data from scratch, like you would if you were manually adding the tags to the existing campaigns URLs.


Steps to Adding Tags


Here is just how easy it is:


  1. First go to your campaign settings, then look for Campaign URL Options (advanced) towards the bottom of the settings page.
  2. Next, click on the Custom Parameter to name the tag something that you can refer back to. You can also dd to any URL at any time with just a parameter addition.
  3. Next, you will need to enter the tag you want to be attached to the end of every URL within that campaign, into the empty field to the right of the parameter name (i.e. {parametername}=tagname )


Adding Tags at the Campaign Level


Traditionally we have always had the option to add tags in bulk to the back of URLs and we’ve always had the Adwords Editor tool provided by Google to help with this task. However, let’s just say that you have already added some of the newer tags to your URLs, but then changed your mind. Now you want those newer tags, added to all URLs within your actively running campaigns. Instead of doubling up on the tags, like you might do if you were to add them with the Adwords Editor tool, you now have the option of adding the tags at the campaign level. This can be an option for either older campaigns, that you want new tags in OR as part of your new campaign setup process with new campaigns.



Bobby Pena

PPC Manager