Going Beyond in Backlinking with Infographics

backlinkThe truth of the matter is that most of us want to actively boost our websites, gain more traffic and increase our web presence. Whether we want to do this for a product, service, or as a valued source, we understand that gaining visibility on the web is how we can achieve the results we seek. In the past, gaining links to our site through text links was one way to do this. Today, visuals can serve a major part in increasing your traffic too.

Why Backlinks are Important

If you want to increase your site’s rankings, one of the best ways to do so is with high-quality backlinks. When other websites link to your website (typically through a text link), this is called a backlink and they are great for bringing more traffic to your site. Whether these links are from individual blogs, business pages, or social media pages, this sends a highly valuable direct signal to Google and other search engines that your website is valuable. The more trustworthy these blogs, sites and pages are, the more valuable the backlink is.

Today, backlinks still hold high value for your site but there are more options. Visuals on the web have long been an attention-grabber and in the world of backlinking, visuals are very valuable. This brings us to the all-important infographic. In marketing, it’s no secret that visuals hold a lot of weight for any successful campaign. Using an infographic to help increase traffic to your website is a strategy that is sure to help you gain more backlinks to your site.

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a highly concentrated, visual graphic that often contains brief bits of content, data or information. For backlinks, infographics can serve to combine strong content marketing with effective link building. Within the graphic, you can put a lot of important facts, statistics, or details pertaining to your content, all within a visually pleasing image. Popular blog sites like Buzzfeed and highly visual social media platforms like Pinterest are known for displaying these catchy and often data-packed infographics regularly. Infographics do a lot in less space and are often more likely to promote engagement, be it a share, a comment, and yes, a backlink!

Infographics are obviously so popular because of their high success rate. They are often creative and interesting, yet informative and easy to read. Easily understandable, condensed information that is delivered in a visually pleasing format such as a chart, bar graph, or list turns what might have been a boring piece of information into a share-worthy tidbit. Infographics are often shorter and far sweeter than longer blocks of text and they are also 30 times more likely to be read than your average text article. Not to mention, infographics are responsible for generating approximately 2 times more social shares than traditional blog posts. This is worth investing in if you want your visitors to learn about you, share your content and possibly link back to you.


How Can I Make an Infographic?

The basics of creating an infographic are fairly straightforward. If you browse the web, you will find that they range from simple to extremely complex and creative. The beauty of the infographic is that you can customize and truly implement your own design into the image and message that you want to portray. It allows you the invaluable opportunity to share important information that is visually pleasing to your audience while stamping your own brand and style on it.

Getting starting with infographics can be achieved with a few basic steps:

Choose your topic.

First, choose a topic that is relevant and specific to your website. Now is the chance to say whatever it is that you might have wanted to say or stir interest in a topic you have been following. Or perhaps you want to promote an important element or pointer already on your site. Now is your opportunity to do so, visually.

Gather your information and sources.

Collecting the right data will be important to add credibility to your infographic. Make sure you carefully research and have all the proper information to support your infographic. You can also gather your own data from your personal website and share that as well.

Give it the look you desire.

This is where you can truly implement your own creative flair and focus on your particular brand and look. It may require some graphic imaging and the use of a graphics program for more elaborate designs. Or  you can go a far simpler route and make a basic infographic template with the most basic of programs. In addition to graphics, chart, graphs, or pictures, the layout of your infographic is important too. It can be mainly text content (but done so with color and creativity) and still grab the audience’s attention.

Get it out there.

You should post your infographic on your website but also share it yourself on your social media pages and outlets as well. Infographics go hand-in-hand with social media, so feel free to share it to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites. The goal it is get it seen as much as possible so that it can be shared and linked back to you.

Infographics can Improve Your Search Rankings

While high-quality content plays a major role in increasing traffic to your website, Infographics take this one step further. Not only can quality infographics raise the potential for social media shares, it can also start the ball rolling for other sites to pick up on it and discuss it on their site. When your infographic is re-blogged and linked back to your site, you’ve just gained a very valuable backlink that is both visually interesting and far easier to share.

Another great feature with infographics is the option that allows users to embed your infographic right onto their site. By adding this option in the html on your site, your visitors can then copy the code, and paste it onto their own site which includes the link and credit back to your site. Now you’ve just gained a valuable back link while promoting high-quality, condensed, branded information about your website. In the world of backlinking, this is an all-in-one that is truly worth it.

– Carolyn M. Walker, Copy Editor