Google’s Core Algorithm and Panda Are Becoming One

panda-151605_960_720Over the past weekend, many SEOs were anticipating a Penguin update to go live. It turns out that Google just updated their core ranking algorithm. It has some heads turning though, as it may be a little different from the previous core updates. In recent online tabloids, it has been announced that the core algorithm was embedded in Panda. The news first hit from a source named Jennifer Slegg who got the quotes directly from Google, reassuring that Panda is now one with the core ranking algorithm. See Google’s exact quote below:

“Panda is an algorithm that’s applied to sites overall and has become one of our core ranking signals. It measures the quality of a site, which you can read more about in our guidelines. Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust ranking accordingly.”

Now we have to think:Does this mean that portions of the Panda algorithm are present in last weekend’s update? At this point, there have been no sure signs of that being the case. It’s sensible to understand why so many are determining that as the conclusion.

So, up to this point we know that:

  • An update has been made to the core algorithm over the weekend;
  • Panda is now combined with Google’s core algorithm.

Now we still don’t know if Panda was indeed packed into this weekend’s algorithm shift. We can be sure about the following:

  1. Panda is not its own entity now

Panda was its own separate algorithm before. Up until this point it was always an independent variable. Before, there was the Google core algorithm where search results are generated every day. When Google was ready, they would simply roll out a separate Panda update alongside the core algorithm, but now everything should be rolling out as a whole rather than incremental pieces. From what the search community has been seeing/learning this week, Panda seems to be combined with Google’s core algorithm, which pulls in search results on an ongoing basis.

  1. Quality Content is King

Initially, Panda was put in place to sift out the poorly produced content in Google’s search results. Seeing as now it’s part of the soul algorithm, you better keep an eye on your content quality.

Does all of this mean you should completely reassess and/or revamp your current content? Nope not exactly, don’t put it at the top of your priority list unless you start to see your ranking dipping into the red because of the recent algorithm shifts. If anything, it could be a project that could be chipped at overtime to ensure that you look the best that you can in Google’s eyes. The main thing that Google said is to make sure moving forward to that you focus on producing the best possible content.

According to Google, pages that have superior/outstanding quality can still pull in good rankings if they provide a “complete” solution to what the end user is searching for. In a nutshell, that means that instead of developing content for the main purpose of getting traffic to your site, you should focus on helping searchers with your content.



—Zack Rivera, Marketing Advisor