How to Stay Ahead of Social Video Trends in 2016

Social Media's importance on videos

Social Media’s Imposed Value on Videos in 2016

If Snapchat and video are still freighting for you and your brand, you will struggle in 2016 with social video trends. Studies have shown that taking a Facebook and Twitter only strategy to social is so yesterday. To be current businesses must embrace new and rising tools that could allow them to crush it in this New Year.

To get a good look at social performance sometimes you have to view it vertically. A great view of study would be sport leagues and teams. Many are leading the herd when it comes to embracing a cross-platform strategy. They have adopted Snapchat, Instagram, Google+ and other platforms, they have chosen not to put all their eggs in the Facebook and Twitter basket for success. Sports leagues all over the world recorded wins in Q3 of 2015. Social videos repeatedly demonstrated with amazing success and examples of how to push the margin of success with new platforms in genius ways.

Here is a look at the platform performance of other brands in other key verticals and how they compare with social video trends.

social platform sports

 sports social cross brands comparisons

social media comparison for sports

Social Video Trends in 2015 Push for Change in 2016

One thing that you can take away from the metrics is that video is a key part of marketing strategies in 2015. From here it will only increase in execution because it pushes the needle. Video is here to stay and every smart CMO would be wise to get on board. The numbers are too telling to be ignored by brands. Ignorance is a recipe for failure and that is not an option.

If you want to get a better feel for what works with video on social then look to prominent brands and sports teams strategies and statistics to see who post more and whose videos are the most effective.  These key metrics are the backbone of a successful social video marketing strategy, they allow for you to stand out as a social leader and prominent influencer in your space.  It is often said that the brand that goes to the market first with excellence is the brand that wins the long game.

SWOT analysis for social media

Social Video Trend Success is in the Strategy

As you can see the Rockets, Timberwolves and the Chiefs are really crushing it with their social strategy performance and they are leading the way. It is important to look at video statistics and pay attention to trends with the data. Most platforms provide you with viewership data that are able to let you know where it starts to trail off within the video.

As a final tip:

Take a look at your brand’s video content to notice if there are prevalent visual or narrative components at these points of drop offs. Check the other platforms that you may be running the same video to see if you are having the same drop off points and where they vary. Produce multiple versions of the video optimized for the intended platform’s audience to see if you can get better performance and viewership.

This will help you to win in 2016 and coral the social media struggle thereby creating the narrative for social success and staying ahead or at least at the tip of new social video trends in 2016.

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