Internet Marketing Reseller Services That Deliver Results

Looking for an Internet Marketing Reseller Program? As an Internet marketing company, you want to be sure you are providing your clients with a full range of services and features to help grow their business. You want to be sure that you offer them services such as SEO, PPC Management, Social Media Marketing and more. Sometimes, these services can all be provided in house. However, there are times where you need to resell, or outsource some of these services for better business efficiency and to ensure you are providing top notch service to your client.

That is where we come in. We are That! Company. We act as your white label marketing company, providing you with the services that you have promised to deliver to your client. In this case, we act as you and directly communicate with your client, including reports and findings. We are the face of your company while providing top notch SEO, PPC, and Social Media white label services.

How Being An Internet Marketing Reseller Works Using That Company

For example, company ABC hires you, XYZ Marketing, to provide them with a quality array of Internet marketing services. You promise them quality SEO, advertising and social media campaigns along with detailed reports. You then hire That! Company to act as your white label company specifically for SEO, PPC, or Social Media services. As far as ABC is concerned, we are XYZ Marketing. We have XYZ Marketing email addresses, our reports are branded as being provided by XYZ Marketing. We even answer your client’s phone calls as XYZ Marketing. They do not know anything about That! Company and the specific services with which we are assisting you as our internet marketing reseller partner.

Benefits of Using a White Label Company

We provide exceptional services that go above and beyond what other companies do. We offer sales support to you, the reseller, in addition to taking care of your client and talking with them weekly from an educational standpoint. You make a decent margin working with us because we offer competitive rates. We retain our clients and achieve results for you and your clients. We work by your side, under your brand; your client sees our expertise as belonging to your company.

If you need quality SEO, PPC, or social media marketing services at a competitive price, then consider us. We can be your behind the scenes professionals to offer quality services to your clients without their knowledge that a third-party is involved. So offer all the services your customers desire by becoming an Internet marketing reseller, and you can be confident knowing you can deliver on your promises with That! Company acting as your white label company.