Marketing When There is Little to no Search Volume

geometry-1044090_960_720It can be very difficult to market a product or service when there is little to no search volume for it. This is where many companies stumble and if they don’t overcome this hurdle. They either assume that no one would be interested and sack the product or service, or they just  accept the loss and move on. The target audience is there, though they may not even realize yet that they want this new or improved product or service.

Steps  For Finding and Growing your Target Audience

There are a few different steps that you should go through in order to identify your target audience, go after that audience, grow that audience, and ultimately turn the audience into customers. All of these steps are important and can help if they are all used, however, depending on the product or service, some may need to be tweaked or removed.

1) Think about who your target audience is.

You’ll want think about who would benefit most from your product or service. What demographics do they fall into? What might be their interests? Does your product or service benefit people with specific job titles? There are other questions you can ask yourself to figure out the target audience. Once you have those questions answered, you can take to performing basic advertising to those people. Facebook ad targeting is one such option that makes it easy to market to those groups.

2) Think about what they might be searching for.

You should identify other items that your newly discovered audience may be interested in such as services, people, products, and news, etc. Now you can use keyword targeting to go after these interests, as well as create interesting content to catch their attention. You can also develop products or features using inspiration based on your target audience.

3) Identify the things they use, where they go, and whom they listen to.

This steps requires you to step outside the company and find ways to be seen in other spaces. For example, developing ad and sponsorship opportunities can really get your product or service out there where your target audience is located. You can also talk to their influencers and see if you can get guest content written by these influencers or develop partnerships with them. Reaching out to influencers is a fantastic way to get seen by your target audience.

4) What broad and viral content resonates with your target audience?

This can be a real fun step, as identifying this type of content will give you inspiration on the type of content your target audience is interested in. Create some of this content yourself and see how well it works. Through this identification, you’ll identify sites that you should probably target for advertising so you can get in front of the audience in the places they visit often. Inspiration is also found here, as you’ll have new keywords that you can take note of for enhanced targeting.

5) Would brand advertising be right for your product or service?

This is a step that can be skipped if brand advertising is unnecessary or unwanted. For everyone else, you want to identify where you should be advertising your brand. You’ve identified a few sites already through the other steps above, so that helps to get you started. Identify the common aspects of these sites, if any, and use that to expand the list. The partnerships and sponsorships also help get your brand noticed. Develop some press and press releases.

You’ll also want to make sure that the name resonates with your target audience so that your name becomes synonymous with the main keywords associated with your product or services. You want to get your brand out there and get people describing your brand as these keywords so that when competition starts to show up, they’ll have an uphill battle to fight in order to even get their name known. A few examples of brands being synonymous with a product are as follows: Jet Ski, Bubble Wrap, Onesies, Jacuzzi, and even Crock-Pot. (Kleenex too)

Continue to Grow

Completing steps one through five should help you not just find the audience that is missing through search volume, but also help to put your product, service, or brand in front of this audience in other markets. People usually don’t know what their missing in their lives until they see it and then they’ll want it. Once you’ve put yourself out there, you’ll have people wondering what this product or service is and then go to look for more information. When they find that you’re one of the only companies out there with this product or service then they’ll come to your site and hopefully complete a goal and become a customer.

Through word of mouth, continued marketing efforts, and an overall growth in knowledge of your product and service, your company will start to see an increase in search traffic and ultimately see the search volume grow as more interest is garnered. Competition will arise and try to take a piece of that pie, so you’ll have to work hard to make sure that your brand is the known brand for this particular product or service. This isn’t an easy marketing method, however, if your not interested in putting in the work then someone else will be.

–Doyle Clemence, Manager of SEO