Why a PPC Reseller Chooses That! Company

A PPC reseller is one who partners with a third-party company to provide a pre-set selection of pay per click services to their client. The third-party company acts under a pseudonym, the reseller’s company, to deliver the end results and reports to the original client. These white label services are generally sought out by smaller companies or companies with too much volume to handle certain parts of the campaign. They are also sought by companies who may not have the in-house expertise in PPC.

When a marketing company hires a white label internet marketing company and needs PPC services “behind the scenes,” it is important to consider who you partner with. Do they have core values and ideals that are similar to yours? Do they have the knowledge and expertise to handle these requests and provide quality work? Can they provide these services on time? What services do they include in their rate for a PPC reseller? Are they offering you value?

That! Company is your PPC Reseller Partner of Choice

We are your partners in success, for you and your client. We work under your name to offer you and your client quality support. Our communications and end products are all branded with your company name and logo to provide to your client a unified appearance and exceptional customer service. We ensure timely delivery, quality work, and are accountable in our interactions with you and your clients. We help to build everyone’s reputation by being the resource of knowledge that will lead your clients to not work hard, but to work smart. After all, we have a high retention rate of our own clients thanks to our proven model, which will lead to you having a high retention rate of your clients as well.

As your partnering agent, we provide services and support that go above and beyond the normal call of duty. First off, we offer sales support to you so you have the knowledge and skills necessary to sell PPC Management to your client. We also offer educational meetings with your client to explain to them how and why PPC works. When we communicate with your client, we do so branded as you via email, phone calls, letters, reports and more. We also offer a full suite of PPC services. You get a lot of value for your money while still making a decent margin working with us because our rates are competitive.

It is time you partnered with an internet marketing company that cares and makes a difference through quality and timely white label services. We are ready to talk to you about your white label needs and offer our services to help. That! Company is the PPC reseller partner of choice, so contact us today!