Social Media Reseller Solutions

Marketing companies offer a variety of services to their clients. However, some marketing companies need to be a social media reseller due to their size and capabilities. For instance, you may not have the manpower and staff to provide social media services to your clients. However, you want to offer these services as part of a package deal, knowing it will benefit your customers and meet their needs.

In this case, you want to partner with another marketing company that has a social media department and offers in-house social media services, such as That! Company. But, if you do not want our name on the final product. Instead, you want your name on it, as the face of your company to you clients we can offer a white label solution to fit your needs.

White label social media services are your solution. That! Company can partner with you to provide you the social media services you need while giving you all the credit for a job well done. We work directly with the client, but under your name, using your brand on the reports we deliver, and your e-mail addresses on the messages we send. We even answer the phone with your company name. This helps you to maintain a unified bundle of services and enhance your company’s reputation.

Social Media Reseller Benefits

The benefits of partnering with That! Company are endless. However, we cannot tell you all of them in one sitting. Many you have to experience for yourself.

First, we offer competitive rates. We feel our competitive rates bring value to the social media reseller market and keep it fair. We also feel our rates are fair compared to the amount of work we do and services we provide to you.

Second, we do very high quality work that achieves results. When your clients see these results, they will want to stick around.

Third, we offer sales support. This is something that many other white label companies do not promote. If you want an experienced, consultative social media sales professional to help you close new business we’re ready to help!

Finally, we take care of your client, talking with them regularly from an educational standpoint. However, we do not talk to them as That! Company. We are a spokesperson for your company, and that is how we approach your client.

Let That! Company Educate You and Your Client

Social media has been growing in importance, to the point where no company can ignore it. Not only is it part of a unified marketing strategy, but it can be used effectively for everything from improving your search engine rankings to improving your customer service (and thus your reputation and goodwill among your customers).

Schedule a consultation with us today and we can show you the benefits of partnering with us. We offer competitive rates, we deliver results, and we help you retain your clients. If you want to be a fantastic social media reseller, then you’re going to need a fantastic social media partner!