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What’s this about Facebook Embedded Posts?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 15:32
embedded posts
Facebook has just recently announced that they are rolling out Embedded Posts, which is only available for Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable, and PEOPLE at the moment. Like many additions and changes to Facebook, they like to test it out before they roll out the changes across all of Facebook. Embedded Posts will make it easier for people to link to Facebook posts from websites, and they will be more aesthetically pleasing.

The Embedded Posts can include videos, pictures, hashtags, and other content, which will allow people to like and share posts directly from the website that had posts that were embedded. The hashtags in the Embedded Posts can be clicked on in order to take people to Facebook content that includes that hashtag. It is a pretty simple process as well that requires just clicking on the carrot on the top-right corner of the post and then selecting the option to Embed Post. Facebook will then provide code to place on your website. This can have great potential for Social Media Marketing by integrating Facebook with a company’s website by more than just a “Like” button.

Written By: Doyle Clemence

3 Simple Ways to Increase Lead to Sale Conversion Rates

Thursday, 22 August 2013 18:28
lead to conversion
Be Persistent, Be On Time, Make Every Interaction Valuable. Marketing and Sales at its finest means that you pay close attention to these 3 things and apply them every day. How many times have you missed an opportunity because you didn’t follow up appropriately? How many times have you missed an opportunity because you didn’t show up to a meeting on time? How many times have you heard “We don’t see the value in moving forward at this time”?

Granted that last one cannot always be avoided; however, how many times have you had unproductive meetings or followed up for the sake of following up and didn’t have anything new or valuable to share?

The best sales personnel don’t just “follow up” or “check in” or even “touch base”. They have something new and interesting to share with their prospect that adds to the conversation. Sometimes it’s not a huge change or innovation, but sometimes it’s something small that keeps the prospect talking and moving in the right direction.

So when you think about improving your sales/marketing efforts, make sure that you are doing these 3 things as well as possible before you try to shove more leads down their throats. More leads are great, but only if the existing ones are being taken care of appropriately.
Be Persistent

Be On Time

Be Valuable

Written By: Mike Knorr

That! Company, an SEO company, now serving Seagram’s Ginger Ale

Monday, 19 August 2013 19:54
That! Company, a PPC and SEO company, thought Seagram’s Ginger Ale was a great choice to add to our list of delicious fountain drinks. We like to have some great refreshment while we work hard for our clients, and this flavor will certainly be loved by our employees. Ginger ale has a very distinctive flavor that can be a real joy to drink. This could be why it was chosen to replace our lemonade, which was barely touched. As the perfect bubbly refresher, Seagram’s Ginger Ale was a good choice to add to this SEO company’s list of wonderful beverages.

People will certainly begin lining up to fill their glasses with this tasty drink, especially those who are trying to stay away from caffeine. As an SEO company, we come in to work early and sometimes stay late, but not all of us want to be reliant on caffeine to keep us awake, so Seagram’s Ginger Ale is a welcome addition. Their slogan is, “It’s good to be you,” and that cannot be any more true. Here at That! Company, we strive to make our workplace a fun and enjoyable location to be at during the work week, and that slogan rings true with all of us. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go fill up my glass with some Seagram’s Ginger Ale before I get back to work for our SEO company clients.

Written by: Doyle Clemence
ginger ale

Why Think Locally?

Friday, 16 August 2013 20:33
You should be looking at Google Local or Bing’s Places for Business. Most businesses can capitalize on being in their local search. If the business has a brick and mortar location, or if it is a home business that services a specific targeted location, you will get the most benefit out of going through the process.

Understand that when the search engines display a local result, typically it is less than 10 businesses and, depending on the engine, are either displayed before all organic search or before organic result #3. This places listings in very valuable locations both from an aspect of interest and from the aspect of easy geographic identification. Both Google and Bing will display a map next to the listing for people to use a graphical cue for business location.

Depending on the difficulty of the organic competition and market demographic, a local listing will have a better immediate result than an organic listing. To make certain that your local listing is setup proper for your company, call us and have a sales representative help you get on the right path for local success!

Written by: Brian Rider

Should I Use Zip Codes To Target Locations In AdWords?

Thursday, 15 August 2013 20:28
Google has made a new feature called Zip Code Targeting that is “supposed” to help local businesses target local customers with ease. This new targeting method allows you to set up targets under the location targeting area of your settings tab in Adwords. You can even use their “Bulk Upload” feature to simply enter in a number of different zip codes that are in the area you want to target… then magically you can now target your offers and ad variations to this specific area based off of zip codes! Great, right?… Well, not all is as it seems here. Let me explain something that I stumbled upon the other week.

I have a client in the Los Angeles area that sells widgets. These widgets are area, so it is important that we show her area specific ad variations to people that are either in, or searching for her widgets. You should know that she has 5 different areas to target. Therefore, when someone is in targeted area #1 (hereby reference as TA1), but is searching for a widget in TA3 they will need to see the ad variation for the widgets located in TA3 and not TA1. You may think to yourself… “this is simple”… and if you were targeting a city instead of a zip code it would be. Normally you would simply select the campaign targeting option (under settings) to target “people in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location”. However, I have found that if you are targeting using zip codes, this does NOT work. It seems that if you are using zip codes to target areas, Adwords does not identify with the city names located inside those targeted areas.

My conclusion is simple really. If you are going to target one area with many zip codes, zip code targeting may be exactly what you are looking for. However, if you are looking to target multiple zip codes utilizing multiple ad variations that are specific to each region, such as the example above. Then zip code targeting is just a waste of time. Target either your cities, or Adwords predetermined Metro areas and then everything should work just fine.

Written by: Ed Cehi

Simple Guide to Remarketing

Monday, 12 August 2013 19:28
Remarketing in AdWords is a great way to market to potential clients or customers who have already shown an interest in your particular services or products. Why should I remarket to somebody who did not buy in the first place? With the age of comparison shopping so high, potential clients are not purchasing or becoming leads on the first visit as much as they previously did. Enter Remarketing!

Remarketing campaigns can be set up in 5 Easy steps:

  • Create a Tag under the Shared Library in your AdWords account
  • Create your list that you want to gather for the customers that you would like to remarket to – add pertinent pages into this list, and you can even generate a list of previous customers for the last 30 days
  • Create a list of converting customers – these are customers who have already purchased or become a lead for your services (where remarketing will not be needed anymore) – this list will be your Thank You page, or end page of the conversion process
  • Create a Custom Combination – this list is your main remarketing list traffic, minus any converting traffic, which becomes your final list to remarket to
  • Lastly, create your Remarketing campaign and, under the Remarketing tab, add your Custom Combination as the targeting, and you are good to go!

Creation of ads and bidding will still need to be done, and I have seen Image Ads yield the best results by catching the eye of clients and getting them back to a site to convert. It is usually very cost effective, but, just as any venture in AdWords, keep your eye on the campaign!

Written by : Bobby Ballash

The Ever Changing Environment Of The SEO Industry Offers Challenges That Make Us Better

Friday, 09 August 2013 17:38
In today’s ever evolving SEO space, we all face challenges. Google tweaked this. Bing did that. Panda. Penguin. Social. Back links are good. Back links are bad. The key is never taking your eye off the bouncing algo ball and staying focused on the basics while testing the options that will make you suceed or make you fail. One SE algo change can take you from SEO hero to SEO zero.

By staying focused on the basics, you provide good SEO methodologies and implementation for your clients. By researching and testing, you find what the algo wants whether that is Panda, Penguin, Turtle, Musk Elk or what ever else the SE’s want to call them today.

Point being, our methodologies are sound and our solutions to overcoming the SE’s ever changing ways are tested. With the ensuing roll-out of our RESET SEO practices, we are sure that our clients will be more than satisfied.

If you are looking for the SEO company which the others look to for unique and industry leading solutions, look no further than Th@t!

The New WordPress Update

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 13:30
wordpress logo
WordPress, a content management system for web sites, just released its latest update, version 3.6 “Oscar.” As of August 1st, 2013, the update has become available to the public. It includes an auto-saving feature, post locking, support for video and video embedding, and a layout that is catered towards blogging. It now even has integration with SoundCloud, Rdio, and Spotify. What isn’t there to love? Wait! Let’s not forget to mention the ability to choose HTML5 mark up for things like comments or search forms. How awesome is that?

If you plan on upgrading to version 3.6, or “Oscar”, be sure to back up any site(s) you have. Rumors of failing updates causing issues are possible. Never the less, updates always have the possibility to potentially break your site(s). It’s just part of the technical world we live in. So be smart, and back things up.

Everybody Loves a Success Story

Monday, 05 August 2013 14:03
There are a lot of great things about being in the marketing field. I am going to focus on just one of them. It is a big one.

Last Friday, August 2nd, I watched a client go for a successful IPO. It really reminds me that when our clients succeed, it echos our success. Often I hear about people who have had good ranking changes or good leads, but it is even better when I speak to long term clients who have made a transition from being a one person shop to having 10 people working for them. When I speak to others who have had to change from a summer slowdown time to a summer normal time because the rest of the year has them very busy, it makes me proud. I speak to people who have turned their businesses around and are in a hiring and growth mode in a time when many businesses are still struggling to keep their doors open.

Last year, Dollarshaveclub (not our client but should be) released their first video on YouTube. (It is funny; go watch it when you get a chance.) One of the phrases the owner uses in the video after inquiring what one of his employees was doing last month, to which the response is “Not working…” The owner inquires, “What are you doing now?”, to which the response is… “Working”. This is the same good feeling that we get when we hear this type of response from our clients. When I hear that businesses and lives are feeling the effect of our efforts, it really makes me work even harder.
Written by: Brian Rider, Executive Director of SEO

Video Campaigns

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 18:41
Video ads help make a genuine connection to potential customers. They will appear before appropriate YouTube videos and may also be suggested in the side bar as watch pages. Advertisers who ran a YouTube video campaign saw an increase of 20% more traffic to their site. Once you upload your video, make sure you include it on your website, business cards, and any social networks you belong to.

To get started, just write your ad using a few sentences to grab your audiences attention, set your budget, and choose targeting options like interests and ages that speak to your audience. You can set your ad to appear on YouTube as well as tens of thousands of sites on the Google Display network. Then just let your ad do the rest.
Written By: Cheri Graziani

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