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Pardon my Turkey via Facebook

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 14:19
The Obama administration has been highly regarded for their social media engagement. So we don’t find it strange that they took a long standing tradition, pardoning of a turkey for Thanksgiving (John F. Kennedy was the first president to pardon a turkey) and made it a “social” event.
The White House Facebook page asked users to decide which turkey, Gobbler or Cobbler, would get pardoned this year. Polls closed last night at 8pm and it looked like Cobbler was kicking turkey butt. The White House even posted stats on each:

A closer look at EdgeRanks new algorithm.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 13:41
A few months back the EdgeRank, Facebooks algorithm which decides what stories appear in your newsfeed, was changed. Yesterday a “full breakdown” was posted on EdgeRank Checker. The information was sourced to come from Will Cathcart, Facebook’s News Feed Product Manager. Four things were addressed:
1. Prior interaction with an author’s posts.
2. Other people’s reactions to a specific post.
3. Your interaction with posts of the same type in the past.
4. If a post received complaints by other or the page who posted it has received lots of complaints in the past, you’ll be less likely to see that post.
They truly use an algorithm to make their determination. On EdgeRanks page you will find:
Item #1 from the breakdown relates to “affinity.” If a fan has engaged with you page previously, how likely will they engage in the future?
Item #2 relates to the “the sum of Edges.” This looks at people who ignore posts and the virality of a post.
Item #3 relates to “weight.” An original post carries “weight” for historical engagement importance.
Item #4 is #3/#2 or “weight”/”sum of Edges.” If your page has gotten complaints in the past then your current reach will be affected. It went on to say that Facebook is “penalizing things that had an above average rate of complaints” but doesn’t attach a number/percent to what would be “above average.”
How have you dealt with the change in algorithm? How has your business been affected by the change?

Black Friday assistant – Apps?

Monday, 19 November 2012 14:07
So the supermarkets were absolutely crazy this past weekend. That can only mean one thing – Thanksgiving is upon us. And, with Thanksgiving comes the infamous Black Friday (dun Dun Dunnnn!).While watching the news this morning they mentioned how people are ALREADY camping out in front of stores in hopes of snagging a great Black Friday deal. I personally am not a fan of waking up extremely early on the day after stuffing my face silly to be pushed and shoved around in stores. Or to be aggravated upon arriving to a store that advertised an item with an unbeatable price to find out they only had a few in stock to begin with. It makes me regret being in the advertising business (however I also should have known better). With that said, I am a firm believer in getting a good deal when possible. published an article on money-saving apps to use this Black Friday which also linked you to 5 apps to help you survive Black Friday. I particularly liked the free app TheFind. You scan a product and it will find the cheapest price near you as well as compare it to online prices. So if you are planning to take part in Black Friday (which really starts on Thursday) you might want to check out some of these apps. Happy shopping.

Did someone say Bacon?

Friday, 16 November 2012 14:35
So we have made it through another week. We have helped clients and worked hard. Today we will work some more and then have a little funbaconlater on with a Minute-To-Win-It Tissue pulling competition (don’t worry we’ll refold and reuse the pulled tissues – we don’t like to be wasteful).
Did you hear there was a bacon shortage a little while back? Then a few weeks after the announcement it was refuted and said there will be NO bacon shortage? Well, we were a little flustered around and then relieved. If there is something you should know about most of the employees at THAT! is that there is a love of bacon around here. There might be the odd ball or two who doesn’t eat meat but majority rules. So in honor of no bacon shortage and the love of bacon we present you with…
I’m sure you will be singing this for the rest of the day (we will). This blurb really was brought on after going through our news feed and Scott Monty said he made some of these for his kids this morning. After watching the video I couldn’t believe I didn’t know this song existed. Have a great day and a relaxing weekend.

Get Free Solar Bears Hockey Tickets When You Bring A Toy

Thursday, 15 November 2012 16:25
THAT! Company Giving Away 150 Free Tickets to Support Toys For Tots

THAT! Company is proud to support the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots program by serving as a drop-off location. In addition, THAT! Company will give away a free ticket to any upcoming Orlando Solar Bears hockey game as a thank you to each person that brings in a new, unwrapped toy.

THAT! Company Internet Marketing & Advertising Agency is thrilled to have such clients as the Orlando Magic & the Orlando Solar Bears. Professional hockey has come back in Central Florida, and we’d love to give Lake County residents the opportunity to experience the excitement of a Solar Bears game. Come support Toys for Tots this AND have some family fun at the same time! Go Toys for Tots! Go Solar Bears! It’s a win-win this holiday season.

Hockey tickets will be available to the first 50 people who bring in a toy on the following days:
– Thursday, November 29th from 3:00pm-7:00pm
– Friday, November 30th from 9:00am – Noontots
– Saturday, December 1st from 10:00am – Noon
free solar bears hockey tickets
THAT! Company Internet Marketing & Advertising Agency
8500 US Hwy 441 (By the Leesburg Airport)
Leesburg, FL 34788

# # # #
For more information contact:
Amanda Wettstein, APR, CPRC
352.406.0422 – cell

Mobile version of Facebook getting a share button?

Thursday, 15 November 2012 14:33
Have you been frustrated there isn’t a “share” button on your mobile version of Facebook? The statistics in July showed Facebook with 955M monthly active users and of that 543M were mobile users (a 67% increase when compared to last year). Well you would think that Mobile Facebook would have the option to “share” with numbers like this, right? Mobile Facebook (mFacebook) was launched in 2006 and has gained tremendous awareness and use. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, told the Today show in an interview last month that “more people use Facebook on mobile web than on Android and iPhone combine.” So why don’t we have a “share button”? Well the wait might be over soon. Another update to Facebook is coming. Well I read on that they’ve been trying out a share button (Yay!). Read more about it here

We’re just gaming around.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 15:00
Here at THAT! Company we love games. We even have a few people who are true “gamers.” Our very own Director of SEM is an avid lover/fixer-upper of oldarcade games. We have a whole room in our building dedicated to arcade games that you don’t even have to put a quarter into to play. We also have brian gaminga foosball table, Wii and much more. As you walk through the office you might find random Nerf ® darts – we take Nerf ® wars pretty seriously here. During a new employee orientation training each department will show you their arsenal and tell “war” stories as though medals of honor were handed out. A poor, new receptionist didn’t take heed and was initiated to the company with a late afternoon Nerf ® attack just the other day. Don’t get me wrong – our clients and their business come first and they are very important to us but in order for us to provide them the best service we can we have to have a little fun in between.
This little rant was all brought on because Mashable posted an article: 50 Winning Holiday Gifts for Gamers ( Items ranged from a Skyrim Quest Marker Sticker for $2.50 to a $135.00 Galage Throw

Blanket. Some personal favorites were the Glow-in-the-dark power button tee ($16.39) and the Companion Cube Ice Tray. I’m pretty sure you can find something from the list for your gamer. And, I’m pretty sure some of these items will show up at our Christmas party for the White Elephant gift exchange.

Infographic on 24 hours in the Google economy

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 13:44
This infographic went around the office the other day. It was quite befitting to what we do and as a Google Adwords Certified Partner we found the infographic a great reference (and decent outlook) for the Pay-Per-Click industry. It was also nice to hear the conversations that took place in the hallways over the data (or should I say the questioning of the validity of it).
As the director who forwarded it said “sure is a good item…zoom in and have a look.” You decide. We think everyone is entitled to opinions. We also believe clients have the right to ask questions of their PPC service providers and to be provided valid answers. Have you crunched your numbers lately? Do they compare with the infographic?
eco infographic

Facebook Friendship Page to get Upgraded.

Friday, 09 November 2012 15:07
Did you know there was a “Friendship Page” on Facebook? Well it’s been there for over 2 years just building, gathering information on you and every “friendship” you have on Facebook. If you didn’t know it existed you get to it by going to your friends profile page and then click the gear button next to “Message” to see options; ‘See Friendship’ is usually the first one listed. Also, if you didn’t know it existed don’t get comfortable with the layout because it is getting upgraded to the new timeline format as well.
As much as I enjoy being able to stay in touch with people and am thankful Facebook exists – it’s kind of creepy how much information has been gathered on me and my friends. Facebook is also adding an additional page for people who are in a relationship – – how adorable!.
Tell us what you think of the friendship page or its change to the new timeline format.
friendship page

eTailers Need to Engage Adult Social Networkers

Thursday, 08 November 2012 15:11
The holidays are coming. There is no denying it – Christmas decorations were displayed right next to the Halloween items. Retailers are gearing up for the holidays. Some big retail giants have announced starting “Black Friday” Thanksgiving night. I personally think that is a little crazy – but it is just my opinion. Data is showing that eTailers, online retailers, are slated to have a good holiday season considering they had a strong third quarter.
online_up eTailers
Normally as a shopper when you see “15% discount” you really don’t give it much thought. However when you are talking about a 15% increase in online retail spending you are talking close to a $42 billion dollar increase (year-over-year for 3rd quarter) – not as easy to give it no thought. Although online retailers are seeing this amazing, consecutive, growth – reports show that 48% of US consumers still rate the economy as “poor.”

With online shopping doing so well, retailers need to keep in mind that about 70% of active adult social networkers shop online and about 40% of them will use their mobile device for shopping. Online retailers need to ensure there is a mobile version of their Website. Retailers can easily loose customers if they don’t have a mobile accessible Website. They also need to realize who their target is. They might cater to younger people, but it is parents and possibly grandparents who are actually doing the buying. The 55 and older age group is a growing segment when looking at online purchases through mobile devices. This holiday season eTailers need to also look at their advertising campaigns – they need to engage the 70% of active adult social networkers who are shopping online. If they do a good job of engaging then they are very likely to have a very good quarter. Therefore eTailers need to look at their social media, PPC and SEO campaigns as well as ensuring the creative is relevant.

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