At THAT! Company there’s often a surprise around every corner.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 19:31
On Wednesday, THAT! Company employees were surprised with a surprise. There will be a surprise team building event. The rest is top secret. No one knows, except for the upper echelons of the THAT! Company superstructure.

At THAT! Company, we’re all about eating food and what happens later on after consuming food. So why not hang posters announcing the company wide team building event where employees are most likely to see them?

Everyone at THAT! Company is trying to guess what “Mission: Possible” is all about.

What do you think it is?

Many THAT! Company employees lay claim to this porcelain throne. Good thing it was clean!
Stocked for many years to come with frozen microwaveable goodness.
Snack machine mana is a necessity at THAT! company and is frequently consulted for hunger pangs.
Closer look at “Mission: Possible” poster. Date, however, has been switched to April 20.