Social Monitoring

Thursday, 15 September 2011 20:24
How do you monitor what is said about your company? There are many free tools that allow you to monitor mentions live, but few allow you to monitor without being interrupted. Social Monitoring allows you to identify, respond, and measure what is being said about your company on multiple social networks. Time is money, and taking care of your customers is important, but how do you balance the two? With That! Company’s social monitoring tools you can. Monitoring your company’s mentions live leads to fragmented work days and you will find that you will accomplish less by attempting to handle every mention the second it happens. Instead, you can receive a daily or weekly email detailing each time your company was mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google Blogs, and a variety of other smaller social networks you would never think to search. It is important not only to reply
to questions/mentions about your business that are sent to your Twitter Account or Facebook Page, but to be proactive and reach out to those that are talking about your business to their friends, but not necessarily contacting you.

If you’re mentioned in a positive way , then reach out and send a thank you. You may find that this will encourage them to take this action more often. If they mention you in a negative way , and you respond in a proactive way, then you could create your best brand ambassadors by solving their problem when they didn’t even approach you to do so! Social Monitoring tools are great , but only if they get used. You can monitor mentions live with tools like Tweet Deck, but you may find you’re alerted to mentions that don’t even apply to you and your business. With That! Company you get the attention and expertise of our social monitoring professionals who will critique and manage your social monitoring campaign.

There are plenty of tools available, but they don’t include professional maintenance to set up your account and you may soon be lost in a sea of irrelevant information. Our philosophy is that your time is valuable and you need to be informed; not disturbed! Get started and check out our social monitoring tools by contacting us now.