AuthorRank is Coming!

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 16:57
If you have heard of Google Authorship, then you are probably familiar with the concept of AuthorRank.
author rank
Through connecting online activity to one agent, or author, Google may verify the reputable public figure and be able to better validate their content. AuthorRank is all about linking credit where credit is due. Authors, also known as Agents, are linked to their content on websites, blogs, social media, and anything in-between with their personal face icon; thus, developing themselves as a well-known brand. With the help of Google, each author’s online profile can be accredited for the work created with a running reputation score.

“AuthorRank won’t replace PageRank it’ll just make it more accurate,” highlights AJ Kohn. “AuthorRank is closely related to identity. Google needs to be certain that the relationship between author and content is valid.”

author rank tos
Although, Google filed the patent in 2005 entitled AgentRank, it is now finally blooming since Google Plus and Google Authorship
has picked up a following.

There are many ways to stay ahead of the curve. Several well informed writers are beginning to break down how the new system operates, like Demian Farnworth’s seven ways writers can build online authority with Google+.

…it’s coming.

Author: Sara A. Smith 7 April 2013