Path! To better networking.

Monday, 20 May 2013 19:21

Many of you have probably noticed an increase in use of social media apps, and they are probably beginning to bog down your phone or other devices by sucking up almost all battery life. Or perhaps social media has manifested into an overwhelming amount of social media accounts to juggle. There is a solution that may stand out for mobile device users, Path.
Developing a deeper connection via Path unlocks a whole new hallway of opportunities.

Path is a personal social network, which in this case means that you can share all the photos, videos, and messages securely with your 150 closest friends and family through the app itself and/or forward it to other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare as well as Twitter and Tumblr.

It can be surprising how in-depth all these “simple interface” applications became once they began stacking up. Opening one app leads to signing up for another app until, needless to say, this quick and easy experiment became a social media explosion …with extra queso flavors of LinkedIn, Vimeo, Blogger, Vine, Google Site and WordPress.
Path, like other cross platform management systems, seems to be greatly appreciated as more accounts are set up to be, let’s admit, more connected. When it is all said and done, it’s really all about a person’s purpose; what does he/she need to maintain to be in better touch with the things they find of value? Where does that business need to communicate? Why is this necessary? It is similar to the purpose of attending conferences and events. The more a business takes part and makes itself visible, the better acquainted the world feels with that specific brand name.?

Author: Sara A. Smith 20 May 2013