Google and Twitter inspire artists

Tuesday, 20 April 2010 20:24

You know a person, brand or company has obtained pop culture icon status when artists immortalize their likeness on a sheet of canvas. twitterpropaganda


Just like Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s Soup, and Coca-cola, now Google and Twitter have become artistic fodder.


Artist Ken Solomon has incapsulated Google’s image search for future generation within Canvas. The Andy Worhol inspired style depicts Photo thumbnail paintings of Mick Jagger, Worhol, Marilyn Monroe, and the mugshots of Michael Jaskcon Mel Gibson, George Carlin, Bill Gates and Tom Delay. Artist Brian Moore painted WWII-styled propoganda posters with Twitter and Google as the subject.


Loose Tweets, Sink Fleets was inspired by the U.S. Marines directive to ban social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The ban was institued to avoid exposing military secrets or other high-value information on public serves available to adversaries.


While the works of art capture a moment in time, they also bring to light the extent that Google and Twitter have become a part of our lives. Whether it’s archiving current affairs as it becomes history, providing a network to socialize with friends or aquaintenances or creating a forum for consumer to comparison shop, Google and Twitter have not only inspired entreprenuers but artists.


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