The Importance of Site Maps

Thursday, 17 October 2013 19:40
When doing SEO work on a client’s web site an important tool to use is the site map. At its simplest it is just a listing of the different pages on the website. But by taking this listing and submitting it to Google it gives the web crawlers a clear path to check the site and rank the different pages. This of course helps bring up your rankings and makes sure that new work you have done is taken into consideration by the search engine.

However there can be more benefit gained from the process of generating the site map itself. For instance we use a tool called Xenu to generate our site maps. In the process of checking the site Xenu also checks for broken links and missing pages. This gives you a great guide to fixing problems on a clients site and improving their rankings, not just from the site map submittal but also from the improved site itself.
Written by: Cameron Verkaik