The #1 Roadblock to SEO Success

Thursday, 31 October 2013 21:14
roadblock to seo
Red tape. “I have to get this approved by my manager” or worse “I have to get this piece of content approved by our committee”. If you want SEO Success you have have to remove the roadblocks by empowering your employees. If your employees aren’t empowered then they’re waiting, and if they’re waiting then success is stagnating, and if success is stagnating… well you get the point.

SEO is a long-term campaign and takes a lot of effort in order to receive the fruit of your labor. So it makes sense to not make this any longer of a process. Should legal get their fair say? Sure, but do they need to approve the keywords you’re going to target? Probably not. Do they need to review content that goes up on your site? Perhaps.

So ask yourself how can you reduce the red tape that is holding up your SEO Campaign?
Written By: Michael Knorr – Marketing Manager.