Easy Google Adwords Negative Keyword Research

Monday, 19 May 2014 20:50

A very important task for an Adwords PPC Manager is aggressive negative keyword research. This task can be very simple if you are using mostly exact or phrase match keywords, but gets more difficult with the use of broad match or modified broad match keywords.

To identify negative keywords you must first review the search terms that triggered your impressions or clicks. To view this information open the Search Term report by clicking the keywords tab within Adwords and then clicking the Details drop down. From there you can select to see the Search Terms for all your keywords or for just the keywords you have selected.
In this case I am only interested in working with my broad match keywords so I used a filter to only show those particular keywords. To create a match type filter click on the filter drop down and clicked Create filter. From there select the Match Type from drop down list and clear the check marks next to Exact and Phrase. When you click apply only your Broad match keywords will be displayed.
You can now select all of the Broad match keywords you are interested in reviewing. Once you have made your selection click the Details drop down again and click on the “Selected” under search terms. This will then show you the search terms that generated Impressions and clicks for the selected keywords.

While viewing the search term report if you do not see the keyword that triggered the Impression you can add keywords to the columns by clicking the Columns drop down, just below the Keywords tab, and click customize columns. On the left click the Attributes under the Select Metrics section and click add, next to Keyword, to add it to the columns displayed.

In my case I have several thousand search terms. Since I am using modified broad I know a lot of these search terms are okay. For example I have a modified Broad +Atlanta Airport Parking. So I am pretty confident I can filter any search term that does not contain Atlanta somewhere in the term. So I can create another filter to remove those search terms from the list.

To create this additional filter, click the filter drop down again and choose Search Term, in the next drop down choose “does not contain” and finally in the text box enter your filter term.
In my case, since I used a Modified Broad +Atlanta, I know the search term has to include Atlanta so I only entered airport parking in the text box. This then allow me to see what search terms Google matched up with “airport parking” and identify negative keywords, or perhaps new keywords to add to the account.

Hope this helps with your hunt for negative keywords and happy hunting.

Written by: Perry Pierce – PPC