Fish Where the Fish Are

Monday, 29 April 2013 15:44

Fishing where the fish are
We often use analogies to get points across. In marketing a phrase I often heard sitting at the feet of Dan Laemont was “Fish where the fish are”. The first rule of great marketing is to know where you are most likely to be succesful and it ties right into the RPIE (Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) approach we use at That! Company.

ken fish
“Fish where the fish are” really does sum it all up. It’s brilliant simple and easy to remember and relate to.
Research – Learning where the fish are.
Planning – Getting ready to go fishing – got your rod and reel? The right Bait?
Implementation – Actually going fishing
Evaluation – Did you catch anything? Oh and in Marketing the “one that got away” is not as cool of a story

  • Fishing in the Pay Per Click realm:
  • Research – What Keywords are likely to convert. What is our potential searcher looking for? What message is likely to attract them.
  • Planning – How are we going to lay out the campaign? What are the landing pages going to look like? What messaging will get the visitor to become a conversion?
  • Implementation – Time to do all the work we identified in the planning phase.
  • Evaluation – Gotta have tracking in place – We need to know how successful we were and we need to apply that knowledge and data to our future efforts. Close the loop on this information and apply it to your future campaigns.

Catch Where the Fish Are

I love fishing – and there’s another phrase that goes with fishing that definitely doesn’t apply to marketing. “There’s a difference between fishing and catching” and when it comes to the sport of fishing, I truly do love fishing, and I don’t have to catch a fish to have a great day fishing.

In marketing it’s quite different. While I love the sport of fishing (in marketing terms) the job is to catch fish, not just to go fishing. So appologizing to Dan in advance, I want to change the phrase he taught me so long ago to “Catch where the fish are” – but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Written by: Ken Knorr CEO of That! Company