Why Do I need to Create Multiple Ad Groups?

Thursday, 08 May 2014 05:55
Adwords is a very good tool to create an additional stream of revenue via the realm of PPC (Pay Par Click) Advertising. The common misconception is that you cannot simply put all your keywords into a single Ad Group and expect to get the best results. By simply breaking the keywords down into Ad Groups (keywords that are similar) so that an ad can be written for this set of keywords for best results.

The searcher does not see the keywords, nor do they see any of the specific settings of the account, they simply see the Ad that you create for the specific keyword set, and the message needs to be clear and to the point for each set (Ad Group) of keywords. For example, if you are selling shoes in various colors you would want to have multiple Ad Groups stating specific colors so your headline can read “Red Shoes”, “Blue Shoes” or “Green Shoes” instead of a headline reading “Shoes for Sale”. This allows you to put any keyword into the specific Ad Group that pertains to your Ad copy, as long as they coincide with each other. By doing so it will help:

  • Increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of each of the Ad Groups since the keywords and the ad copy match each other
  • Increase conversion rates – with better CTR and a searcher knowing what to expect when they click your ad, a more refined audience will reach your website with a better chance to convert
  • Increased Quality Score – with a better CTR and your relevancy up, your keywords should have an increased Quality Score as well. If you have too many keywords in a specific Ad Group, you can still refine them more to increase Quality Scores if the desired effect is not gained. This helps with the cost per click as well.

This is a time consuming process, and can take some time. If you are not sure where to start, start with the keywords that are spending the most money and have the lowest quality scores. This will help optimize the highest spenders and the low quality scores, getting better CTR and quality scores to reduce the cost per click, enabling you to get the best return on investment.

Written By: Bobby Ballash – PPC