PPC & Google Analytics

Monday, 14 July 2014 12:39
Google Adwords offers a number of different ways to view data that can help you
optimize your campaigns. However, that’s not the only tool you can use to help gain further
insight into your account. Google Analytics also offers good insight into campaign metrics as
well. Here are a few reports to use in Google Analytics to help you better optimize your
Adwords campaigns.

1. Site Content > Landing Pages: Sort this report by Paid Traffic (Google
CPC) to get a glance at your landing pages behavior. Take a look at your Bounce Rates
to determine which landing page works better for you and why.

2. Behavior > In-Page Analytics: use this report, after sorting by Paid Traffic, to view a
click map of where visitors are attracted to when they view your landing page. This
can help you better understand your visitors and how they navigate your site. If you
have form leads, maybe your form could benefit from having a different placement?
If you are an eCommerce site maybe you could benefit from placing your product
navigation in a different area. Find out how the bulk of your traffic views your
landing page.

3. Audience > Mobile > Overview: After sorting by Paid Traffic, use this report to view
how your mobile traffic performs. Maybe mobile isn’t the best fit for your vertical.
Find this out here by viewing your Bounce Rates and Average Session Duration.

4. Acquisition > Keywords > Organic: You may ask why are we looking at organic
keywords when we want to know about paid traffic? Looking at our organic keywords
can help us determine some new keywords to target in our paid arena. Search for
keywords that have attracted traffic, but may rank low. By adding these keywords to
your paid campaigns, and you now have high visibility and can monitor these
keywords for conversions.

These are just a few of the ways that Google Analytics can help you better optimize
your Adwords campaigns.

Written By: Ed Cehi – PPC