Google Street View Goes to the Museum

Tuesday, 01 February 2011 20:44
Google is bringing the world’s most treasured masterpieces to art lover’s computers via the “Google Art Project” using technology developed for the “Google Street View” project.

Users can explore 17 of the world’s most acclaimed art museums, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA in New York, The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Tate Britain & The National Gallery in London, Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Users can view more than 1,000 paintings and sculptures created by more than 400 artists.

Explore each museum’s hallways, inspect paintings for the artist’s techniques and collect your favorite paintings.
Look at selected artworks in stunning detail. Each museum selected one artwork for Google to photography using high resolutions technology. Each image contains about 7 million pixels (that’s about 1,000 times more detailed than the average digital camera.) With a detailed microscopic view, you can see the brush strokes that made Van Gogh famous.

There are more than 385 rooms to explore in Google Art Project. The museum tour is a lot like a tour of city streets in Google Street View. A clickable annotation feature lets users read more about an artwork or watch YouTube Videos.
During your tour you may discover some works of art you want to revisit. Rather than search the museum for the paintings and sculptures you love, create your own virtual museum collection using the “Create an Artwork Collection” feature.