What Are White Labels and How Can They Help Your Company Grow?

graph-163509_960_720 A white label is a product or service that one company develops and different companies rebrand to use as their own, as if they had created it themselves. Companies use these white labels to offer services without having to invest the time and money to create the product or service that is needed for business growth. Many software companies offer their product to other agencies and customers. This includes the possibility of resale under the customer’s brand. After the product gets to its new home it may require certain functionalities to change the visual appearance, customer management, or automatic billing to meet the end customers needs.


When faced with a business problem, your first thought might be to do it yourself. After all you have made it this far by your own wits, but sometimes this can lead you to failure if you get in over your head. These self-made traps can potentially be avoided by using a white label product to boost productivity or open a new door that was previously closed to your business. Using the white labels to meet your needs can improve business speed, by not dwelling over your problem and jumping right to a solution that works well for you and your customers. This will save you time and money since you will not have to brainstorm a solution and pay for its development.


Online white label marketing is slightly different material with the same sort of results. Online, you can sub-contract work to a trusted partner to help increase your bottom line for both companies. These partnerships can really help your business move along quite well if you can get the right partners on board. Partnering up with another company gives you the options to take on more leads without having to hire the extra manpower to handle them. AYou can also pass some off while still making a percentage on the deal, just for outsourcing your work. This could also improve the value of your company by offering more services that you otherwise would not have been able to use before the partnership. With some of the work taken off your plate, that would also open up more free time on your end to take on more work or dig deeper into any big projects going on, without sacrificing the manpower of your company.


White label products and services are a great way to get your business up and going or to help it really take off. By incorporating these different services into your business, you are almost guaranteed to see improvement in your company (given you have found the right partners) and growth of your bottom line. In a world that is all about the quality of services you can provide, why would you not explore the avenue of white labeling to see what opportunities may really be out there for your business.


–Brock Bergeron, Marketing Advisor