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The Death of Third-Party Ad Networks

Publishers are creating private ad exchanges, taking control of user data and cutting out third-party ad networks, according to a recent New York Times article. CBS Interactive and “have created their own ad exchanges to directly sell the lower-priced ads called remnants that typically run at the bottom of their web pages or on […]


Google Retools Algorithm

Google launched a major change to its search algorithm to weed out sites with bad content from its rankings, the Internet Giant announced on Thursday. The changes will have noticeable impacts, affecting 11.8 percent of the search queries. “This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites – sites which are low-value add for […]

Wireless Power lights Boxes

The price of cereal is going to skyrocket. I can feel it. {youtube}M0R5LPhLz_U{/youtube} Introducing smart packaging. Intelligent wireless power coursing through product packaging will allow timely inventory tracking and ordering. Low-cost printed coils and smart packaging designs are sources of power and data and packaging can light up to highlight product features and benefits. ecoupled, […]

How does your page load speed compare?

We are an instant-gratification society. You can thank computers, the Internet and email for that. The speed at which your website loads is now more important than ever. A slow site can affect your ability to satify customer and compete in the market. Research shows that faster sites increase conversion rates. And after Google’s announcement […]

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battlezone cabinet

Battlezone Joins THAT! Company

Battlezone joins the pantheon of 1980s arcade classics at THAT! Company. Atari released Battlezone in 1980. Its unique gameplay requires players to place their eyes into a periscope-like viewfinder to play. Windows on each side allow spectators to watch the gameplay. The display used vector graphics, similar to asteroids, rather than raster graphics Erupting volcanoes, […]

Facebook Vs. Twitter

Ding DIng. In this corner in the blue trunks and weighing in with more than 500 million users: FACEBOOK!  And in this corner in the light blue trunks and wieghing in with more than 100 million users: TWITTER!   Lets get it on!   Click here or on the picture to see the entire graphic […]

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valentines day card

Valentines Day Geography

Want to remind your loved ones this Valentines Day how much you enjoyed that vacation getaway with them. Google is giving users an opportunity to send a personalized electronic Valentines day card using google maps. Place a pin on Niagara falls, Hawaii or some other past vacation spot where you created memories with the people […]

Facebook Renovates Pages Look

Today you will see a new look when you visit the businesses, brands, media and public figures you like on Facebook. Facebook is launching a major page redesign and expanding functionality to Pages.       The redesign will look similar to the change user profiles underwent in December. Navigation structures are changing. A user […]

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That Company

THAT! Company Client appears in OBJ

THAT! Company client amaZulu appears in Orlando Business Journal’s Feb. 8 online edition after recently participating in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The air date for the show featuring some of the natural architectural materials supplied by the company based in Clermont has not yet been determined. Bizjournal Article