Monthly Archives: June 2012

Content Curation Best Practices

Content Curation Best Practices From the Legal Perspective:    If you are the creator of a news aggregation website, what should you do to protect yourself against lawsuits? Short of licensing all of the content you use, there are certain best practices that you can adopt that are likely to reduce your legal risk.   […]

Top Suggestions on PPC and Adwords Testing

If you manage PPC campaigns appropriately, then you undoubtedly conduct a lot of tests. Many of these tests probably fail.   One of the most important elements of conducting tests – especially ineffective tests – is communication. You need to make sure that all stake holders understand what was tested; why the test wasn’t successful; […]

Disease Tracking with Social Media?

Could social media become an essential tool in predicting and tracking health epidemics and outbreaks? A recent study from the University of Iowa, found Twitter provided a real-time view into the spread of H1N1, allowing researchers to accurately predict occurrences of the flu before cases were formally reported.   Twitter posts were cross checked against reports […]

Congratulations Alex Martins!

Today one of That! Company’s clients’ CEOs topped the list of “The Most Powerful People in Orlando” by Orlando Magazine.  “He is a bold leader both within the Orlando Magic and within our Community,” commented Ken Knorr, CEO of That! Company. That! Company has provided Graphic and Web Design services as well as Strategic Digital […]

Conversion Path Optimization

The conversion path is the sequence of pages visited and links clicked by a visitor to your website that leads to a successful transaction being completed.  If you’re spend­ing money to drive users to your site, you should also be mak­ing sure that those users are con­vert­ing. This can be done by opti­miz­ing the entire […]