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That Company White Label Digital Marketing

Organize – Social Tip #2

  Organization of social platforms by using a dashboard is good however you want to de-centralize your conversations on it. Having person-to-person conversations is great for engagement. Empowering your team to engage your customers in personal conversation is exactly what de-centralized conversation is all about. “Imagine the opposite of the hub and spoke model – […]

Blind Taste Test – Fried Chicken

I would have to say this was one of my favorite challenges so far. Any challenge involving fried chicken is a GREAT challenge in my book. By the look and sound of it, everyone enjoyed themselves. This challenge came about because of the new Bojangles in Leesburg, FL. Without naming names, one of our employees was […]

That Company White Label Digital Marketing

Social Maturity – Tip#1: Evaluate

  After taking stock of your organization’s position on our Social Maturity Model, it’s time to ask a few questions. First, where have you already or where do you plan to deploy social programs and against which goals? In either case, avoid considering social in a vacuum. Take the time to understand where it best […]

Social Maturity – The Stages

Do you know what social business is exactly? Well basically it is when a business or organization engages with an audience through a social platform. It can be done either internally, externally or both. Your business can Tweet to generate buzz or use Facebook for flash sales events or job opportunity. These practices are called […]