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The #1 Roadblock to SEO Success

Red tape. “I have to get this approved by my manager” or worse “I have to get this piece of content approved by our committee”. If you want SEO Success you have have to remove the roadblocks by empowering your employees. If your employees aren’t empowered then they’re waiting, and if they’re waiting then success […]

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Penguin 2.1 it’s Effect and How to Recover

Recently, Google rolled out Penguin 2.1 to help “clean” up the internet space due to the increasing problem of excessive or spammy looking backlinks.  In the past, tactics like link stuffing and excessive backlinks have been used by some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practitioners to artificially boost page rankings.  This unsavory practice has degraded the […]

Is your SEO Company Being Transparent and Accountable?

So, is your internet marketing/SEO company being transparent? Are they accountable for their success/failure? Here’s Three areas that you can expect any well-respected SEO Company to be covering. 1. Reporting First of all are you receiving weekly reports? This one is very obvious; if you’re not receiving reports then that’s one sign you’re working with […]

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Dino Links!

Not to many years ago, in the primordial days of the search engines, great links walked the web lords of all they connected. Champion among these was the Directasaurs Rex. Towering above the other linkasaurs the great Directasaurs held hundreds if not thousands of links to everything under the sun and was always hungering for […]

The Importance of Site Maps

When doing SEO work on a client’s web site an important tool to use is the site map. At its simplest it is just a listing of the different pages on the website. But by taking this listing and submitting it to Google it gives the web crawlers a clear path to check the site […]

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Adwords Editor Tips!

This month’s blog provides some Adwords Editor (AWE) tips. AWE is a desktop tool you can use to make off line changes to your Adwords campaigns The following are some of my favorite tips you can use to speed up your work: 1. Use the advanced search, view, and sort options to your advantage. Creating […]


CTR: Every Impression Counts

Unlike the first impression when meeting someone; EVERY impression counts in pay-per-click advertising. Don’t believe me? You must if you checked your click through rate (CTR) and ended up here. You post your ads, see thousands of impressions, and life is good. “I built it and they’ll come” you say, but why do I see […]