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A Trusted Pay Per Click Affiliate

That! Company is a leader in internet marketing and advertising. We can be your pay per click affiliate without your client ever knowing. There are many reasons why an internet marketing company may need a white label company to work with them. Maybe the other company is short on staff or does not have the knowledge or […]

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What is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

An inbound marketing agency is a partner and agent for change in the growth and transformation of your company’s sales and marketing. A shift has taken place from traditional forms of advertising to new forms of advertising and marketing. Inbound marketing helps your company get found by more people in your target market, converts them […]

Your Clients Are On Twitter. You Should Be, Too

In the past decade, many social networking websites have been created. These social media platforms have developed to meet both business and personal needs for communication. One such website is Twitter. Twitter is a real-time social networking website that provides individuals with the opportunity to share and make observations about the global market. There are about […]

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Why You Need to Protect Your Website, and What You Need to Do It

Most people do not realize just how important security actually is on the Internet. We can hear about and even see some hacks and attempted hacks, but until you are in some type of sysadmin position and get the notifications when someone is attempting a hack, you don’t really realize just how many times it […]

AdWords Upgraded URL Deadline is July 1, 2015

If you would like a complimentary audit to make sure your account is prepared fill out the form and use promo code “July1FreeAudit” Time is running out to transition your URLs to the new, upgraded URLs that Google will be rolling out on their July 1, 2015 deadline. If you are using any kind of […]

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FREE SEO & SEM Competitive Research – June 2015

Do you want a 2nd opinion? Unsure your SEO / SEM campaigns are as competitive as they should be? Or do you simply want to know what your competitors are doing, and lean on expert to do the research for you? Whatever your reason, for the month of June, That Company is providing FREE SEO […]

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How To Boost Sales With Social Media

Social Media has always battled the critics. Some say that it doesn’t drive revenue, or that it’s success can’t be measured. In reality, those critics are just peanut butter and jealous because they haven’t figured out how to optimize it. If you try to use a phone to pick a lock, it won’t work. This doesn’t mean […]

Media Queries Are Key to Responsive Design

Media queries are a key component of Responsive Design. By using media queries you can easily make different layouts for different screen sizes. This can also be aided through the span(number) tags or the col-s, col-m or col column designations. However, none of that is as customizable as what can be obtained with media queries. […]


Optimization For Click Throughs & Conversions

When optimizing for click throughs & conversions there are a number of things you can do. However, there are three things that I like to target more than others as they have proven to give me the best return or improvement. Even if you feel that your website is optimized you should always be in […]