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Reasons You May Not Be Seeing Your Paid Ads

I try to answer questions that I hear most often from my clients when I’m writing my blogs. My goal is to publish these answers to that others can easily find them instead of thumbing through other resources. So, I was thinking about some of the more basic questions that I receive on a regular […]

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What’s The Deal with Local Search and Local SEO?

If you’re like most people, you’ve done your fair share of local searches in an effort to find something, be it for a local restaurant or even a roofer. Whatever the reason for the search, you made one. Likely you’ve seen the ads that cover the top of the page, especially since Google removed the […]

Why Mobile and Tablet Bid Adjustments Can Save Your Campaigns

With all of the bid adjustments that Google gives us to use within our Google Adwords interface, there has been one that we as account managers have been asking about for some time. Tablet Bid Adjustments are now live and active within all Google Adwords accounts, and it has been a long time coming for […]

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That! Haunted House 2016 – That! Company Charity Fundraiser

Last night, That! Company hosted their annual That! Haunted House Halloween fundraiser. This year, roughly 50-60 people attended, with proceeds going to Red for Ed. Red for Ed is an annual initiative jointly launched by That! Company and the Lake County Educational Foundation, to provide needed school supplies to underprivileged children in the Lake County […]

Retail SEO: How do I fight Amazon?

Many search optimization specialist that have been in the industry for a while knows the pains of dealing with retail SEO. We often talk about the difficulty of tracking your effectiveness and proving that your work has value. Less, but still quite often, we talk about how to appeal to consumers and get their attention […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing

There is a common misconception with social media nowadays. Most businesses and brands pursue social media as a way to make sales, have quick returns, and as a way to broadcast to your network. While these may be good tactics, that’s not what social media is all about for you as a business owner. Social […]

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people that have a certain level of power when it comes to the decision making process. Influencers that relate directly to social media have an impact on your decision making to buy a product, leave a review, or even test out that new restaurant you have been hesitant on. The influencers here have […]


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Coming Down the Pike in Google AdWords

Change is good, or at least that is what they say. I’m not saying that all change is bad or not beneficial but I will say not all change improves the outcome for everyone. A View of Current History Case in point: when Google shifted search ads earlier this year away from the side bar […]