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Top Three Steps in Producing Effective Video for Your Company

Know your “why?”   I was sitting down having lunch with a CEO of an assisted living facility, when he exuberantly lit up as I asked questions about his company. He answered passionately and precisely and eventually I didn’t have to ask questions. He went off like a freight train in perpetual, unstoppable motion, spilling […]

That Company White Label Digital Marketing

Four Ways to Reduce Cost Per Click

So you’ve gotten your Pay Per Click campaigns off the ground and running pretty smoothly. But as with most things, especially things that you are investing money into, there is always room for improvement. One particular metric where improvement translates directly into saved dollars is your Cost Per Click. In this article I’ll expand on […]

Remarketing Trends To Consider

For the vast majority of websites, only a small percentage of site visitors will convert on their first visit to a site. Since the average number of customer interactions prior to a purchase is seven, it is imperative that you reach out to your site visitors at least several times subsequent to their initial arrival […]

3 Easy Design Trends for 2016

UX (User experience) Users are not going to care how cool your design is. If they can’t quickly find the information they are looking for, they are going to click the back button. Period. If they have to wait for your fancy slide shows, videos, and pop-ups to finish doing their thing, chances are they […]