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That Company White Label Digital Marketing

WordPress for your CMS

There is much to recommend WordPress for use as your CMS (Content Management System). It is the preeminent CMS and comes with the largest developer and user community of any CMS.  WordPress started back in 2003 as a blogging platform. It has since evolved into an all-encompassing CMS for any site you might want to […]

Simple Basics for SEO Web Development

Recently, we had a client come to us for some search engine optimization advice. They had been working with a web development company for over one and one half years with a completion date nowhere in sight. The client had suspicions that their web development company was not complying with their needs to protect their […]

That Company White Label Digital Marketing

That Company White Label Digital Marketing

Mobile Device Usage Is On The Rise!

How many households have land line phone service these days? In 2013 the National Health Interview Survey showed preliminary results of 40% of U.S. Households strictly have cellular service. This figure us up over 15% from 5 years prior to the survey. With the number of smart phones and tablets in use wouldn’t it make […]