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5 SEO Strategies That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

I think we can all agree that there are a lot of different SEO strategies and sometimes we forget or even ignore some of them in favor of others. It can be difficult to know which ones that you should absolutely focus on and which ones are just good practice. Here are 5 different strategies […]

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Google Partners: What Is It and How Does It Help

Are you an advertising agency or other online consultant managing Google AdWords accounts? Do you have access to all of the resources Google has to offer? If you are not utilizing Google Partners you may be short changing yourself. Everyone that has an AdWords account, or manages AdWords accounts for businesses, has access to Googles […]

The Best Ways to Improve Any Site’s SEO

If you want SEO to be successful then you will be doing a lot of backtracking when you start and then develop good habits in for the future. It is important to remove old issues you have been creating and then begin building on the site with positive SEO practices that will be successful. This […]

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Bide Your Time

Have you ever seen the Netflix show Stranger Things? You know that show everyone was ranting and raving about and it is kind of like taking the hit movies The Goonies and E.T. and putting them into a show together, you have a very gifted girl with super mind powers on the run from the […]

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The Knockout Vs The Submission

Have you ever watched an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight? Or have you ever trained in MMA before? Well if you have then you will know what a knockout is and a submission, a knockout can and usually end very quick and sudden and if you blink you have missed it. Men and women have […]

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SERP: How can I rank?

There were a lot of old practices that were/are being used to try and “game” the search engine results page (SERP). Today, it isn’t so easy to do that and that is absolutely a good thing. Google is absolutely the leader in the search engine space with Bing trying to be competition. Since Google is […]

5 Things to Know About Google Call Only Campaigns

  With thousands of articles explain the details of running a Google “Call – Only”, I thought I’ll give it a fair shot. Recently I’ve seen major increases in customers asking for these types of campaigns without truly understanding the full scope of what that entails. Have a read and hopefully this will save yourself […]


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Where Should my Business Be On Social Media?

Social Media Management – For My Business  As an entrepreneur, it is sometimes hard to work on the business when you are in the business. Marketing is working in the business and without good direction you’ll never get back on top. Even if you currently have the best structure and product or service time will […]