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Don’t sell a product, Be the product!

How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? In an increasingly growing market of products that do near the same thing for near the same price, how can you stand out as better? You know your product is top quality and you know your customers would think so too if you could just reach them. […]


Internet of Things in Marketing

Internet of Things or IoT has become a growing topic of conversation in the workplace and in our communities.  What does Internet of Things or IoT mean?  Well, most search engines result on the internet show that IoT is the interconnection via the internet of the network of physical devices, not only computing devices, embedded […]

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Marketing Agency Account Manager Types

Ahh… I finally get to write a blog about my favorite person within a marketing agency, the Account Manager! I love the accomplishments and volatility that proper account management brings and the relationships they build. Why do you ask why I like account management so much? It’s simple because it’s one of the most essential […]

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SEO: Cost Per Conversion

One very important metric that is often overlooked during a search engine optimization engagement is the actual cost of conversions. Is your search engine optimization campaign adding to your client’s bottom line or is it bleeding Their budget? Search Engine Optimization Or Pay Per Click? Many online marketers are familiar with the term Pay Per […]

Golden Ticket Ideas!

Have you ever watched The Office episode where Michael Scott dressed as Willy Wonka and put five golden tickets in different boxes only worth 10% off your next order? Well first off if you haven’t watched The Office shame on you and second it was a great episode. Basically what happens is he sends out […]

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Utilize YouTube Videos with Google AdWords – Expand Your Marketing Initiatives

Get an Account Setup for Google AdWords Once you have built out your target audience along with some ideas on content creation, AdWords can help grow your YouTube following without too much trouble. Keep in mind building a YouTube channel simply with promotions doesn’t work, when recordings offer quality substance and advertisements focus on the […]

Choosing A Reporting System!

Managing paid search campaigns takes time and expertise on many platforms. There may be some similarities between platforms but for the most part, each platform has its own nuances that require special training. With all the work that goes into running accounts, you need a report to accurately give the client data on how their […]

That Company White Label Digital Marketing

That Company White Label Digital Marketing

Google AdBlocking

Wait! Google Is Blocking Ads from Its Own Browser? As of February 15th  2017, Google, a company that depends on advertising for most of its profits has blocked “non-compliant” ads from appearing on its popular Chrome browser. This development is being heralded as an end to annoying ads that start that start the moment you […]