How to Structure a Facebook Ads Campaign

“Constantly test your ads. You need to test out different types of ads over and over again before you get an idea of what works. Facebook makes it very easy. This helps us understand what’s happening and act on it.”   [1] – Luca Daniel, Co-founder, Joseph Nogucci 1. Each objective gets a separate campaign created […]

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The More Things Change The More They…Actually Do Change

I am in a very unique and interesting position. I am more acutely aware of the changes at That! Company than anyone else. You see, I was an employee of That! company for roughly seven years. Then a couple years ago, I ventured out on my own. During this time, I often worked with That! […]

Golden Ticket Ideas!

Have you ever watched The Office episode where Michael Scott dressed as Willy Wonka and put five golden tickets in different boxes only worth 10% off your next order? Well first off if you haven’t watched The Office shame on you and second it was a great episode. Basically what happens is he sends out […]

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Utilizing YouTube to Help Your Business

Utilizing YouTube to Help Your Business   I’m sure the thought has come across your mind as to how you can improve your reach, attract more customers to your business, and at the same time demonstrate your product/service on top of improving sales? If your business is up-to-date with the current times, then you’re already […]

Google Vs. Amazon War – The Product Listing Advertising (PLA) War?

Ok, so all the speculation is in. We all know Amazon is about to kill the game! From offering enhanced Product Listing Advertising (PLA’s) to their A9 algorithm and enhanced search features, Amazon  offers some digital marketers a dream! Make money fast. As ROAS (Return OnAdSpend) rules monthly budget conversations, many business owners have less […]

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Bing Hotel Ads Are Teaming With Koddi As They Move Out Of BETA…

Bing Hotel Ads are moving out of BETA into general release as they join with Koddi to help drive revenue and bookings for hotels. Bing has been running its Hotel Ads offering while in BETA over the past 12 months. Bing Ads has now decided that they are going to be releasing these ads fully […]

Why Should Your Company Invest In Bing Ads?

I’ve been working in the Paid Search Marketing industry for just over 14 years. In my experience as a PPC Consultant during this time I’ve seen Paid Search grow dramatically. It has expanded from something that companies were wary of, and didn’t want to spend their advertising budget on because they thought it made more […]


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Dangerous Advertising on the Internet and the Question of Free Speech

We are living in the beginning of the Golden Age of the collusion information and technology… Given the strength, popularity and overall reach of Google AdWords and social media networks, it should not be surprising that there is a vast array of products and opinions available to be pursued at a digital media user’s whim. […]

The Future of Native Advertising

Native advertising may be the way of the future, but what exactly is native advertising? Essentially, it is a form of “disguised” advertising, often online, which is specifically designed to adopt the same form and function of the location where it is found. For example, it might be an article or video created to promote […]

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Time Tab within the Submenu of the Segment Tab

The following blog is part two of a previous post on “Segment Data for Improved Adwords Optimization.”   Within the submenu of the segment tab in the Adwords interface you’ll find the first option named “Time.” The Time submenu has its own submenu with the other time options of Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, Day […]