Top Three Steps in Producing Effective Video for Your Company

Know your “why?”   I was sitting down having lunch with a CEO of an assisted living facility, when he exuberantly lit up as I asked questions about his company. He answered passionately and precisely and eventually I didn’t have to ask questions. He went off like a freight train in perpetual, unstoppable motion, spilling […]



That! Company Haunted House!

As many of you may have heard, That! Company hosted a haunted house within our office to raise money for local charities. We did raise a few hundred dollars to help out local groups, but that is not the focus of this blog. The office underwent an incredible transformation, as some of these pictures show, […]

Content Marketing and Vine: ADD Advertising

There are so many avenues a company can explore to get product exposure these days; between Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, and even less notable web sites such as Instagram or Pintrest, conventional marketing seems to almost be a thing of the past for many brands. However, many companies still manage to overlook one huge means […]



Should Brands Utilize Reddit in Their Marketing Strategy?

By now, everyone has heard of Reddit, but learning the ins-and-outs of this community can be challenging, to say the least. This especially applies to brand strategists who want to engage Redditors, and often fail miserably. Redditors can spot brand manipulation like few other audiences. Reddit has been around since 2005, and the community can […]

Providing Quality Customer Service

Whether your business is big or small customer service is key to success. When a customer calls they want to speak with a live person, not an automated robot or go straight to a voice mail. Helping that customer get to the correct person to help with their needs or answer their questions keeps a […]

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Challenging Prospects Vs. Being a “Yes Man”

Do you prefer for your customer to like you a lot or to recognize you as the best provider? It’s tough we all have a natural desire to want to be liked, but at the end of the day it comes down to results. Results = best product, best provider, best experience, BEST VALUE. Relationship […]

Yelp Sting Operations are clearing out Paid Reviews

Yelp has been very powerful in quite a few industries, with it bringing in 40+ million reviews for businesses, it has made a dramatic impact when it comes to reputation management and how one may see the company without knowing or experiencing them first hand. For example when you go buy an expensive product, you […]

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That Company Wishes You a Happy New Year!

  It’s been another great year with our clients, and we’re excited for a successful 2014! If you’re a new customer, a long standing client, or a new prospect we appreciate having the opportunity to work along side you. We look forward to another successful and fun filled year with you. From our geeky, fun family to yours […]


Cold Calling isn’t dead. It’s very much alive

Cold calling is a vital marketing channel for many businesses. Not everyone will be looking or think they need your business or services. So how do you reach the people that do not see you TV ads, online marketing campaigns, or they simply overlook you? A team of cold callers may be the solution you’re […]