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Fixing Disapprovals In Your Google Shopping Feed Within Google Merchant Center (Part 1 fo 2)

Developing and Optimizing your Google Product Feed can be an extremely difficult task in and of itself. Never mind having to worry about finding your Google Product Feed running over with nuisance Disapprovals laying everywhere. I’ve recently come across an instance where a client had a number of Disapprovals surfacing one after the other. Once […]

The New AdWords Experience

As many internet marketers must know by now, the “new” AdWords is here and there is no more avoiding it. While the new interface is radically different, some of the functions have updated and certain terminology has been changed to improve the experience of using the online advertising service. While there is plenty of irony […]

Benefits of Linking Google Analytics To Google Adwords

When it comes to Google Adwords and all the functionality it gives us, there are often some undiscovered functions that can go unseen. Looking at data within the Google Adwords platform is very useful when it comes to optimizing based on certain key performance indicators. So to be able to optimize with all of the […]

8 Areas of Focus to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

Developing a really special AdWords campaign takes time and diligence. You can pour all the money you want into an account, but at the end of the day did that money bring you the desired clients? Are you making profit? Over 90% of Google’s income is from AdWords. It is a business after all. So […]

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Setting up an AdWords Campaign

Setting up an AdWords campaign can be daunting if you are not prepared. The following article is meant to give you an understanding of the beginning of campaign set up. Also Included below is a brief vocab section of key words to learn and remember in order to have success with AdWords. Decide on a […]

You First Google Adwords Campaign – Part Three

Building A Good Keyword List Now that you understand the match types, let’s look at how you can build a good keyword list. There are many different tools and ways for going about building a good list. Below I’ll list a few of them and then go into more detail on each. Organic research Keyword […]

Your First Google Adwords Campaign – Part Two

Tips On Creating An Effective Ad The thing about creating an effective ad is making sure that it blends in with the rest of the campaign seemlessly. What I mean by this is that your Ads should be just a step in the natural progression of someone doing a search and ultimately finding their desired […]