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How Coding Affects Thinking!   Recently updated !

Coding requires you to learn multiple languages that are designed to build instructions a machine can read. Your first coding/programming language influences and even dictates how you think about data structures, algorithms, and more. Because of this multiple learning and thinking development, we can get exposed to less natural communication and more mathematical, logically constrained […]

Asking for Help, Will It Make You Weak?

As reasonable humans, we are responsible for our emotional experience. We try to demonstrate that we possess the knowledge and understanding to perform correctly in our work and our profession. Commonly, we work in activities that often produce individual experiences, especially when we do web development and coding. In truth, these more solitary activities are […]

The Importance of Keeping Backups

We recently had a close call at work, which as these things do, showed several problems in the way things were being handled in addition to the security breach that started the problem. One of these that came to the forefront was the need to keep adhering to a regular backup schedule. It is important […]


The Necessity of a Continuing Education in IT

In Information Technology (IT), it’s important to keep your education up to date.  Things are always changing and it is important to stay abreast of those changes. This is true in many other fields true but IT changes more rapidly than most, and hackers will make it essential to stay current.  You always want to […]

Changing my URLs and 301-Redirecting the Old One.

When changing domains, or URLs, failing to correctly redirect to your new website will instantaneously send you flying into a no-traffic zone, causing new visitors to often be greeted by the Error:404 page (to everyone’s horror). This brings up the question of whether it’s possible to transfer rankings from one domain to a new one, […]