Jay Wiencko – Digital Marketing Strategist



Digital Marketing Strategist



In the Industry Since:



  • Successful Grant Writer – The “Bell Project” (integrated education program)
  • ARC of Oakland County (MI) Award Recipient for work with people with disabilities
  • Auburn Hills (MI) “Partner of the Year” for work with people with disabilities


  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Travel
  • Fishing


Jay Jack

Say hi to Jay! As a Digital Marketing Strategist with That Company, Jay has effectively managed clients from numerous industries. He brings the same “quick to know you” impact to them as he would if you were to meet him at a grocery store. Among the staff, he is also recognized for his culinary skill and eagerness to share a platter of his next recipe when least expected.

A man of many interests, Jay has enjoyed sampling the cultures and cuisines of over 15 countries and he is nowhere near the bottom of his “bucket list” of travel destinations. Raised in New England, he developed a deep affinity with the aquatic life that surrounded him while spending six years living on Cape Cod as an adolescent.

His ability to find common ground with others, and his true desire to hear the experiences others are willing to share continue to feed his hunger to communicate with others meaningfully.