Google Tag Manager 2013

Last Updated on December 6, 2018

As a PPC Manager I have been running into more customers using the new Google Tag Manager to handle tracking on their web site. This blog will be the first in a series to discuss this new tool Google has provided for simplifying the adding of tracking code on a web site.

Prior to this tool if you wanted to use Google Analytic to track data on your web site you would have to edit the web pages on your site or have your web developer make the changes. The most common code additions were for Google Analytic code, Conversion Tracking code and Re-marketing code. These codes snippets had to be placed on all pages or select pages depending on the need.

With the Google Tag Manager you only need to install one piece of code. You will have to remove the original Analytic code. And add just the new Tag Manager code, like the old Analytic code, the new code needs to be placed on every page of your web site, just before the closing Body tag. Once this has been completed no more code changes will need to be made on the web site.

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Once the Tag Manager code has been placed on the web site you use the Google Tag Manager User Interface instead of editing code on one your site. This can reduce errors and allow you to take some of the workload off your web developers, plus quickly deploy tags on your web site.

The first step in using the Tag Manager is to create a Tag Manager account. Go to

WWW. You will need to have your Google Analytic Tracking code number and a valid Google account. Once you arrive at the site log on using a Google account and you will presented with the user interface.

Before creating your account take some time to plan it out. Here is a link to a Google article with more information to consider and tips on creating this account. Tag Manager Account creation

In the next article we will dive deeper into Tag Mananger.

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Written By: Perry Pierce

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