Caller Insight
Caller Insight
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Caller insight is a white label call tracking software that helps businesses to connect with clients by delivering data-driven insights. Monitor your teams and manage your business with the most sophisticated call tracking system in the industry.

"Caller Insight is a call tracking software that allows marketers to understand which advertising campaign is currently working best for their business. Caller Insight's software runs off a web-based interface allowing users to check reports from any internet connect device. With real time reporting, call logs and recording and keyword call tracking, it is a powerful call tracking solution.

Caller Insight allows you to rout calls in various ways. You can distribute calls to all in a team for whoever picks up first or have them ring in a specific order that is set up beforehand. You can add click to call where the user clicks your phone number, they are prompted to input their number, then they are called automatically and sent to your call center. This can be very helpful for potential clients who find your website on desktops or laptops.

Call Insight also offers keyword call tracking so you can see which of your PPC ad campaign keywords are bringing in your call leads. There is also a virtual receptionist that allows you to handle more calls and route them appropriately. Finally, with real-time reporting, you can get a full breakdown of calls by state or campaign, call duration by average, minute usage, disposition, by date, or time."

Price Range


Entry Level Pricing Plan Basic - $25 / month
Most Popular Pricing Plan Plus - $98 / month