4th and Blanchard Building 2101 4th Ave Seattle WA 98121


4th and Blanchard Building 2101 4th Ave Seattle WA 98121



DevHub is a White Label Landing Page Platform designed for software and app developers who require a solid foundation for their web presence. Providing all the tools necessary to create an impressive landing page with speed and ease!

DevHub offers landing page creation so you can streamline your landing pages with the DevHub platform to create multiple landing pages that are tailored to your audience. Update landing pages with ease to avoid having static landing pages. Scalable landing pages using DevHub’s game-changing landing page creation software makes creating multiple pages easy.

DevHub offers ticketing software so you can provide a fast solution for your customers to report bugs, request features, or view case studies. DevHub’s Ticketing Software handles all the tickets so your customer service team can focus on quality support and feature requests. They offer market research surveys to gain insightful information from your target audience before building a solution. They provides you with the tools to quickly create and launch surveys and then compile all the results in one place so you can review them and act on them accordingly.

DevHub offers a real-time feedback platform so you can provide real-time customer service to your customers. They provides you with a live chat solution that allows you to chat with your customers and build relationships in real-time. With DevHub’s live chat solution, you can track all the conversations that happen over time so you can follow up and respond appropriately when necessary. They also offer user roles so you can give certain users access to certain parts of your application.

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