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NetBase Quid
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NetBased Quid is a social media analytics tool that provides marketers and agencies with all the analytics they need to make informed decisions about their social media campaigns. Improve engagement, advertising, and results from outreach campaigns.

With Netbase Quid social analytics solutions users can monitor, analyze and understand multiple conversations across social media. This intuitive software also allows deep social analytics, competitor tracking, social analytics reporting and brand health monitoring. Netbase Quid is a leading consumer and market intelligence platform in the digital industry and is ready to help you succeed.

Using their social metrics, you can identify your audience by identifying what is giving you the best likes, comments, mentions, retweets, and impressions. Using Netbase Quid’s social media listening helps you dial into more specific aspects of what your target audience wants, needs, and desires. This takes the focus from a brand-centric approach to a customer-centric one.

They also offer a sentiment analysis that helps you to understand the positive and negative emotions of your audience to spot reputation threats and customer service issues. This pairs well with their social media monitoring features, which allow you to get an idea if something is wrong as you will be alerted to emerging trends in real-time. In addition, Netbase Quid offers both audience and competitive analysis. With audience analysis, you can expand your audience and offer individualized messaging so customers feel like you’re talking specifically and personally to them.

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