Octoboard is a cloud-based white label reporting solution that provides customizable reports. Offering useful features for keeping projects organized including custom project templates, streamlined data entry and automated reporting email.

Octoboard’s software offers client reporting and business performance dashboards for marketing agencies. Their platform is designed to help users understand and improve their social scores and quickly turn visitors into friends. These tools are used to collect and use business data efficiently. This information is used to improve marketing activities and increase business continuously.

Octoboard is a company that has developed a comprehensive solution for achieving the highest level of social media, communications, and customer engagement. This platform has been designed to help online businesses create, distribute and track their most effective online content through social networks and direct consumer interactions. Octoboard combines the best of two worlds; marketing technology's power with the simplicity of the communication management system.

Octoboard offers a wide range of digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes. These services include social media management, corporate communications, and online reputation management. These tools will give users the ability to measure their performance and enable them to improve this performance. These software solutions help clients build awareness, credibility, credibility, and business opportunities through social networks. Octoboard helps businesses increase their online presence through a variety of marketing channels. This includes blogs, social networks, podcasts, and more. All content is customizable and can be distributed through email marketing campaigns or calendar reminders. Octoboard’s lead generation feature allows users to automatically generate lists of leads from their contact database for follow-up sales calls or appointments with sales prospects.

Price Range


Entry Level Pricing Plan Freelancer - ₤25 / month
Most Popular Pricing Plan Team - ₤50 / month
Top Tier Pricing Plans Agency - ₤75 / month