Schedule and publish your social media and Google My Business posts in minutes. OneUp lets you plan months of content in seconds with its simple drag-and-drop interface. It is a white label software for social media marketing is perfect for agencies

OneUp offers local SEO posting, SMM posting, and a content calendar. An easy interface makes it quick to schedule and posts your Social Media and Google My Business posts. You can visually manage all these posts with their convenient calendar view. You can bulk upload, automate posts view RSS feeds, schedule Twitter threads, upload video and GIFs, and more.

OneUp is an online software company founded by a group of SEO, web development, and marketing professionals. Their product is simple to use and enables their customers to create content fast, schedule it across multiple networks at once and automate the process. OneUp offers discounted hosting for websites and posts across multiple social networks. The features of OneUp include analytics, a reporting system, a bandwidth manager, bulk uploads, and fully automated posting. OneUp also offers bulk uploading - a feature that allows users to upload videos and images, download all images, download all videos, and upload files from their computers. This is a feature that many social media managers use to automate their accounts.

In addition to this, the company's social media management system allows users to schedule posts across Google+, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram (only for paid accounts), Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. The software also includes built-in analytics that provides detailed reports concerning each post's impressions on all their networks. The platform also has integrations with BufferApp and Posterous which allows users to add additional functionality such as default images in each social network

Price Range


Entry Level Pricing Plan Starter - $18 / month
Most Popular Pricing Plan Growth - $60 / month
Top Tier Pricing Plans Enterprise - $999 / month