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RizeReviews lifts your business to greater heights and have any chance to surpass your competitors, you must prioritize your online reputation management. Our online reputation management services are all-inclusive.

Rize Reviews offers a robust reputation management platform designed to monitor customer satisfaction for businesses. This software can also generate positive online reviews and collect customer feedback via email, in-store kiosks, text messages, and even printable “review us” cards. Rize Reviews will help you attract more customers and keep them.

Rize Reviews is a software solution that creates an automated process to generate positive online reviews and collect customer feedback for businesses. Rize Reviews allows users to track reputation management across the web, organize follow-up plans and execute them with relevant and timely communication. The platform helps businesses generate long-term success by providing comprehensive analytics, customer feedback, and online reviews. Rize Marketing offers brands several affordable outbound marketing solutions such as in-store promotion, channel marketing, sweepstakes/giveaways, printable coupons, and more.

The Rize Reviews software helps businesses efficiently organize their online presence to properly maintain and manage customer relationships through social media such as Facebook and Twitter channels. Rize Reviews’ customer reviews plugin integrates with major social media platforms to provide businesses with increased online visibility and leads. Rize Reviews offers employees the ability to engage with customers using Social Selling – a process that encourages employees to share information about the company’s services, products, or brand through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The software allows employers to create a comprehensive record of customer feedback and positive recommendations while mapping employee sales per month and location.

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